Learning To Enjoy the Journey With Charlie Edwards, Boxer
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“I remember looking up at the (World Championship) belt and thinking… this is shit.” Is being a world champion really as good as it’s made out to be? Charlie Edwards tells Scott Thomas about making it to the top of the boxing world, and how he found it lonely and depressing once he got there. Charlie opens up about the times he struggled with alcohol and the journey he went on to get to a better place.  You’ll hear how his dad pushed him to the limit as a child; how his mother’s illnesses were a motivating force - and why he might have to get in the ring with his brother, Sunny Edwards. Season 3 of Learning As I Go is supported by British Triathlon.  Throughout this series, you’ll hear updates from Scott as he trains for his first triathlon in June. You can join Scott at the Sunderland triathlon by clicking here and using the code LEARNING25 at checkout for £25 off.
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