Communion is an aspect of education that we rarely discuss, but it can have a tremendous impact on students’ personal outlooks and future education. We talk with Christopher Travers and Derrick Tillman-Kelly of the Communion Collective on the importance of building community in the education field.
Published 01/17/22
Disruptive Systems Innovator, Dan McClure, explains exactly what his job entails, just how he’s reimagining education as a whole, and the three key changes we can make right now.
Published 01/10/22
Published 01/10/22
Denise Daniels and Andrew Ravin of Workshop Middle School talk about the importance of teaching kids at such a formative age, as well as what they’re doing differently to set kids up with the best shot at a future.
Published 12/13/21
Mara Mintzer from Growing Up Boulder gives us the scoop on their youth-friendly city initiative, a program established to include the voices of children in the decisions of local government, focusing on things such as public spaces, transit, and housing.
Published 12/06/21
In this episode, I connect with Jeneille Branen and Erin Corwine, the powerhouses behind the Palouse Prairie Charter School in Moscow, Idaho. As a credited EL institute, it’s exemplary in executing the EL Education philosophy (formally known as Expeditionary Learning). We discuss what makes the Palouse community and curriculum unique, the intentionality behind their rigorous hiring process, integrating natural learning environments, and how they pivoted their practices during the pandemic.
Published 11/29/21
Sal Gordon, the Head of Teaching and Learning at Green School Bali, is here to explain the mission statement and vision behind the school in Bali which has now grown into a global movement.
Published 11/15/21
The Conrad Challenge has been inspiring students to collaborate and innovate for years as just one of the programs run by The Conrad Foundation. Its founder and chair, Nancy Conrad, joins us, as well as tech investor and Conrad alum, Ankesh Madan, for a discussion on how the challenge continues to benefit people around the globe.
Published 11/08/21
Kaisa Koistinen is the mastermind behind Finland’s innovative Yrityskylä concept. Me and My City seeks to empower children to learn the world of business and entrepreneurship instead of expecting them to learn it on the fly once they’re older.
Published 11/01/21
Matthew Reeves, Director of Archaeology at James Madison's Montpelier in Orange, Virginia, joins us to talk about exploring the legacy of race through archaeology as a teaching tool.
Published 10/25/21
In this conversation about the WOW (Wonders of Our World) program at OSU, we talk about teaching forensic science to young students, how to approach them at their level, sparking an interest in science, and setting up the next steps for the students we inspire.
Published 10/18/21
Jessa Goldner of the PAST Foundation’s Student Experience Team shares the importance of teaching outdoor environmental science to kids at a young age, and tips for incorporating that teaching into every classroom.
Published 10/11/21
Dr. Melissa Crum joins us to discuss the concept of brave spaces, what they are, and how we can use them in classrooms to facilitate difficult conversations.
Published 10/04/21
We hear all the time about what isn’t working in our education system – and yet there are examples of successful models out there in the world. We need to learn to capture what they are doing right and replicate them as possible in a variety of ways. Nik Kafka of Teach A Man To Fish shares how his nonprofit helps prepare students for independent living.
Published 09/26/21
Rebecca DeMatteis and BJ Knutson of ApprenticeOhio talk about who apprenticeship is for, and how it can benefit both industries and individuals.
Published 09/20/21
Frederic Bertley of The Center of Science and Industry joins us to unpack the STEM pipeline, how we’re failing to set up our K-12 students, and what we can do to prepare for the future.
Published 09/13/21
Ohio’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, Paolo DeMaria, joins us to talk about overseeing nearly two million students and finding a way to prioritize each of their individual learning needs effectively and at scale.
Published 09/06/21
Colin McGinnis of South Side Early Learning talks about the importance of early education, retaining talent, and rethinking our education system from the ground up.
Published 08/30/21
Jerry Valentine shares the benefits of entrepreneurial and design-based thinking and how we can apply that to the education system.
Published 08/23/21
School reform can be a loaded term for many people, but it shouldn’t be a bad word. Education reform aims to serve all people – kids, parents, and educators – in the best way possible.
Published 08/16/21
Regardless of how your child is being educated, they are engaging with various media through different channels throughout their lives. We look at how to integrate learning experiences in the media kids take in daily.
Published 08/09/21
Doug Schachtel, founder of Portfolio School, shares why it was so important for him to start a new kind of school despite him lacking an education background, and why that is probably a good thing.
Published 08/02/21
Lisa Chambers of TECH CORPS talks about the role of technology in K12 education – both now and what we should expect (and plan for) in the future.
Published 06/28/21
Saeed Arida of NuVu Studio joins us with three students to talk about the learning experience there and how it offers students more control over their education.
Published 06/14/21
Rana Dajani shares how we can accomplish the impossible by taking small steps every day.
Published 06/07/21