Over the past dozen or so years, Chris Osborn has found a home at the intersection of behavioral psychology, law practice, and legal education. Whether designing and facilitating a seminar with ReelTime Creative Learning Experiences, teaching at a law school, co-hosting the Thriving Lawyers Podcast, or reinventing himself mid-career as a collaborative family lawyer, Chris lights up with any opportunity to apply insight and tools from the behavioral & social sciences to the practice of...
Published 10/20/21
Forgiveness is divine, we grow up hearing and reading this everywhere. Our conditioning has instilled in us that if we forgive we will be doing an act of sacrifice. However with new concepts like self parenting, inner child healing and mental wellbeing emerging, today conversations around Forgiveness are not about performing sacred sacrifices it's taking a selfish step of choosing peace and love. In today's episode Shagun and Priyanka discuss what is Forgiveness, how to forgive others and...
Published 10/16/21
In today’s episode, Habiba Samir sits down with Nicola Turschwell and they discuss about mental health, the importance of Art & about Nicola herself.
Published 10/13/21
On today’s episode Co-Host Saba Shakir sits down with the remarkable Paola Araiza-Alba to discuss revolutionary technology designed for mental health. Diving deep into the phenomenal world of virtual reality, Paola discusses her cause and other initiatives to ensure well-being tools are easily accessible to everyone. Link to the companies and projects discussed in today’s episode are listed below. Liminal VR: https://liminalvr.com/ Worksafe Victoria: https://www.worksafe.vic.gov.au/ Youth...
Published 10/09/21
In this episode, a panel of mental health advocates discuss the impact mental health is having on the youth of today.
Published 10/06/21
In today’s episode, Steve Lawlor sits down with Carl Ficks as they discuss some sobering statistics from The American Lawyer Magazine 2021 Mental Health and Substance Abuse Survey, the generally accepted (and scientifically backed) principle that physical activity has long been known to reduce depression and anxiety, how there are so many things out of a lawyer's control but one thing WITHIN a lawyer's control is fitness. They also discuss how fitness can provide an escape from the 24/7...
Published 10/02/21
In this episode, Priyanka Cholera and Priyanka Saraswat discuss about semi colon tattoo. An art moment that started few years ago with a single person's expression of grief and turned into a mental health awareness movement worldwide. In this episode, Priyanka and Priyanka discuss the significance of the tattoo, how it often is misrepresented and their personal takes on the semi-colon.
Published 09/29/21
Michael Malfitano works as a mental health technician for a Carrier Clinic, a private non-profit facility in the Northereast of the U.S. It is responsible for treating all types of mental health diagnosis for those of all ages. He explains that in his position he is expected to meet the daily needs of the patients. He also mentions that he is one of the first staff members a patient meets and most often, it is the worst day of their life. Michael talks about how educating socieity on mental...
Published 09/29/21
In today’s episode, Steve Lawlor sits down with Islin Munisteri, as they discuss overcoming the stigma of Bipolar disorder, how mental health is perceived within the USA, Islin’s personal journey and who she would would love to play her in a film !
Published 09/25/21
In today’s episode, Steve Lawlor sits down with fellow co-host, Wendy Lynn Decker, as they discuss her childhood, published book, mental health within her state and how we can tackle the stigma to normalise the conversation. You’ll also learn who she would love to play her in her own movie.
Published 09/18/21
In today’s episode, Habiba Samir sits down with David Naboare, as they discuss mental health within Ghana and decriminalising attempted suicide. It’s a must listen, and very insightful from the newly qualified Dr !
Published 09/15/21
In today’s episode, Steve Lawlor sits down with Roger Chakhtoura as they discuss mental health within Lebanon and the world of mental health & how the stigma can be reduced to normalise the conversation.
Published 09/15/21
In today’s episode, Steve Lawlor sits down with Pam & Maryem as they discuss the importance of volunteering on a person’s mental health. You’ll also learn who they would like to play them in a movie.
Published 09/11/21
This episode highlights the significance of body positivity in the burgeoning era of social media and its widespread impact on mental health. Priyanka and Arminder also cover various aspects of toxic body positivity and unrealistic beauty standards propelled by capitalism and consumerism. They speak about identifying, assessing and countering cyberhate and sexual objectification towards women and effective intervention methods. They also emphasize upcoming developments in the retail and...
Published 09/08/21
In this episode, mental health advocate Mat Hargett discusses how his struggle with depression led him to form an online men’s group. “Men typically stuff their feelings away and are led to believe they are weak if they show emotions.” Mat dispels that old way of thinking and provides a safe haven where members can talk openly about mental health issues without judgment or criticism. Mat has also launched the first episode of his podcast Empowering Us.
Published 09/08/21
In today’s episode, Steve Lawlor sits down with Eve Mapanda, as they discuss the Africa Healing Foundation, the ways in which we can tackle the stigma around mental health and what her future vision of how mental health should be perceived.
Published 09/04/21
JCI RISE is a global initiative from JCI with the focus on the time to recover from the extremely difficult year 2020. Together, JCI Stockholm and JCI Uppsala have created "Dark Night of the Mind", a series of webinars for the JCI RISE initiative where they deep-dive into Mental Health and into how the current and past events in the world have seriously impacted it. The premise for these webinars is simple: Mental Health is approached each episode from the point of view of three people that...
Published 09/01/21
In today’s episode, Habiba Samir sits down with Claire Kyalo, as they discuss mental health literacy in schools.  Mental Health in Kenya, how people with mental health issues are perceived in their community.  The importance of "proper diagnosis" in the workspace and productivity, and on providing a safe environment in the workplace for people with mental health problems. 
Published 08/28/21
Arpita's story is one of kind about forgiveness and letting go. With years of self work and unlearning Arpita has found a new purpose, that is helping everyone to heal their inner child and forgive their past. In the following podcast, Arpita and Priyanka discuss how childhood trauma impacts the rest of your adult life, the first steps needed to navigate through it and the importance of asking for help.
Published 08/25/21
At the age of 23 Aashna, started her own venture called 'Psychopedia' with minimal funds, lack of finances and huge expectations. 6 years ago what seemed like a never possible dream today caters to hundreds of students. Ashna not only persevered through expectations, built the brand and when it all seemed to be working out the pandemic hit and all operations were shut. In this podcast Priyanka and Aashna dicuss mental health challenges faced as an Indian Female Entrepreneur and how to...
Published 08/25/21
In today’s episode, Habiba Samir sits down with Chantelle Booysen, and they discuss how education and media portrayal would greatly help alter how mental health is perceived globally.  Mental Health in South Africa.  How language, mental health literacy and education, media and the availability of mental health services play a role in destigmatizing mental illness.  Chantelle's personal experiences and how it motivated her to become a mental health advocate and social entrepreneur. 
Published 08/21/21
In today’s episode Wendy chats with Katrina Strohl, of the Absolutely Not! live podcast, a series dedicated to providing examples of setting personal boundaries at work and the vocabulary needed to name harm. Katrina talks about her personal issues with mental health and how her mistreatment by a previous employer inspired her to become an advocate for others in the workplace.  
Published 08/18/21
In today's episode, co-host Wendy Lynn Decker chats with Alice M. Kenny about the effects on children who are raised by abusive mentally ill parents. Raised by a mom with bipolar, Alice explains her thought process as a child raised under these circumstances from parts of her memoir, "Crazy Was All I Ever Knew." Alice also shares how resources such as the ACE quiz developed by Harvard can help identify the resilience level of a child after such abuse and help them recover. "It never dawned...
Published 08/18/21
In today’s episode, Habiba Samir sits down with Marie Abanga as they discuss Marie’s personal struggles and the journey to work in mental health. How Marie was able to build her own community and reach out to people, and how being vulnerable and "putting yourself out there" can help you get the support you need. 
Published 08/14/21
“Chartered accountant wanted to quit job over mental health strain” Simon is in auditing advancing his education and we discuss why he would not advise anyone to take on his career path. Simon tackles mental strain, mental labour and mental health challenges in the financial sector
Published 08/11/21