Published 09/26/22
Keegan, Nick, Mike, and Hob take a supersized time to reflect on the awesome long weekend that was the NoVa Open! We talk about the overall experience, some moderate Nick-salt, and bat-reps galore!
Published 09/12/22
Nick and Keegan are joined by none other than "ya boi" Evan Bulriss for a nonstop conversation about the news and how we feel about swoop bikes, upcoming events, some games we've played, a detour about MoV and SoS, back to a little event coming up this weekend in NOrthern VirginiA, and finish with what could charitably be called "the sausage making before Turn Zero Lists" to land on a truly bonkers Shadow Collective list for Evan to run at NoVa!
Published 08/29/22
We feel incredibly embarrassed that we had this awesome episode with Joa Mythar sitting in the archives when it was supposed to release earlier this summer. But the delayed gratification is worth the wait, because you get a double dose of TZL this week!   Lying in Tactical Strikes (10) 793/800 Iden Versio (119) - Offensive Push (4)/Overwatch (4) - Iden's TL-50 Repeater (15)/Iden's DLT-20A Rifle (15) Iden's ID10 Seeker Droid (15) Imperial Officer (45) Bossk (130) - Hunter (6) - Seize the...
Published 08/22/22
This week on Turn Zero Lists, Keegan sits down with Matt Bronson, champion of both Legion by the Bay and the Lone Star Open (among many other accomplishments) to talk about how he's leading the charge to make the meta all about "how do I deal with Pykes?!"   799/800 (10 activations) Pyke Syndicate Capo (Improvised Orders) Pyke Syndicate Capo  Maul (Force Push, Burst of Speed, Vigilance, Seize the Initiative) Bossk (Hunter) 4× Pyke Syndicate Foot Soldiers (P13-M Disruptor Soldier, Pyke...
Published 08/22/22
Nick and Keegan talk lasting impressions from GenCon, what units might be slept on in all the factions right now, and how so many Shadow Collective buses are scaring Keegan into changing his NOVA list one last time! Brought to you by 6up Supply! Join our mailing list at 6upsupply.com/signup to be the first to hear about new products, offers, and more!
Published 08/15/22
Keegan talks to Matt about his new favorite double bounty CIS list, a first on TZL!   Brought to you by 6up Supply! Join our mailing list at 6upsupply.com/signup to be the first to hear about new products, offers, and more!   797/800 11 Activations Super Tactical Droid (Kalani) (Underworld Connections, Improvised Orders, Comms Relay) Bossk (Hunter, Targeting Scopes) Cad Bane (Situational Awareness, Up Close and Personal, Comms Relay) B1 Battle Droids (HQ Uplink) 2x B1 Battle Droids...
Published 08/08/22
Nick, Keegan, and special guest Jordan from Luminous Gaming discuss the news, how cool Cody is, and three great tournaments that all happened last weekend!   Brought to you by 6up Supply! Join our mailing list at 6upsupply.com/signup to be the first to hear about new products, offers, and more!
Published 08/01/22
Keegan, Nick, and Mike recap all of the news and spoilers from Ministravaganza!   Upcoming Events: https://discord.gg/A8rY6ymJ Teespring: https://www.thelegion99podcast.shop
Published 07/18/22
Nick, Keegan, and Mike give their full spectrum of thoughts on the new battle force command cards and rules and briefly cover the news and upcoming events, before Nick and Keegan give some bat reps from this past weekend and we continue our NOVA Prep series with Keegan!   Time Stamps News, Events, Battleforces: 0:00-1:13 Bat Reps and NOVA Prep: 1:14-1:50 Upcoming Events: https://discord.gg/A8rY6ymJ Teespring: https://www.thelegion99podcast.shop  
Published 07/11/22
Keegan chats with PolarKnight about his all-in approach to rebel corp in this awesome list!   790/800 (10 activations) Leia Organa (Vigilance) Rebel Officer (Vigilance, Portable Scanner) R2-D2 (Comms Relay) C-3PO 6× Fleet Troopers (Scatter Gun Trooper, Rebel Officer, Environmental Gear) Rebel Pathfinders (Bistan, Duck and Cover, Recon Intel, A-300 Configuration) Commands: • Blast Off!, • Coordinated Bombardment, •• Push, •• No Time for Sorrows, ••• Smoke Screen, ••• Assault, •••• Standing...
Published 07/08/22
Keegan chats with CocklesFaulkner this week for a breakdown on his newest Yoda/Obi variation! 789/800 8 Activations Obi-Wan Kenobi (Force Push, Force Reflexes, Vigilance, Into the Fray) Yoda (Force Push, Force Reflexes, Burst of Speed, Vigilance) 3x Phase I Clone Troopers Wookiee Warriors (Bowcaster Wookiee, Offensive Push, Recon Intel) 2x BARC Speeder Hello There!•, Size Matters Not•, Knowledge and Defense••, There Is No Try••, General Kenobi•••, Luminous Beings Are We•••, Standing...
Published 07/05/22
Keegan, Mike, and Nick briefly discuss the news (including Worlds, Invader, and the final two reveals from mini-ministravaganza) before we bat rep our experiences with the new and improved Cad Bane, continue our "Help Keegan Win NOVA" series, and sit down with Andrew (AJST) for an interview about the MKGT!   Upcoming Events: https://discord.gg/A8rY6ymJ Teespring: https://www.thelegion99podcast.shop
Published 06/27/22
This week Nick, Mike, and Joshua recap ACO 2022 and our experiences as players, judges, and TO after we chat about the new spoilers and product reveals from AMG!
Published 06/13/22
It's the full squad this week as Mike, Nick, Keegan, and Joshua recap the last two weeks of Mando and Saxon spoilers, live react to the Ewok news as it happens, and continue our series "Help Keegan Win NOVA!"
Published 05/30/22
Keegan is joined this week by Lt. Maple to chat about a twist on the Falcon Crew list, complete with Sabs!   799/800 (10 activations) Commanders: - Han Solo (100): Vigilance (5), Situational Awareness (2) = 107 - Leia Organa (80): Vigilance (5), Improvised Orders (5), Portable Scanner (6) = 96 Operative: - Chewbacca (90): Seize the Initiative (5) = 95 - R2-D2 = 55 Counterparts: - C-3PO = 15 Corps: - 3× Rebel Troopers (40): SX-21 Trooper (15), Rebel Officer (16), Fragmentation Grenades (5) =...
Published 05/24/22
This week, all three of us are back! We cover the best take out burger joints, all the new Shadow Collective spoilers, Nick and Keegan do some bat reps, and we start our new series "Help Keegan Win NOVA!" 
Published 05/16/22
Keegan is joined by Kyle from the Notorious Scoundrels for his Adepticon GAR list!   798/800 (9 activations) Commanders: - Anakin Skywalker (155): Force Push (10), Saber Throw (5), Endurance (6) = 176 - Clone Commander = 60 Operative: - Padmé Amidala (90): Vigilance (5) = 95 Corps: - Phase II Clone Troopers (62): Z-6 Trooper (27), Overwatch (4) = 93 - Phase I Clone Troopers (52): DC-15 Trooper (26), Phase I Clone Captain (12), Overwatch (4) = 94 - Phase I Clone Troopers (52): Z-6 Trooper...
Published 05/09/22
This week, Nick and Mike discuss the new Shadow Collective reveals, chat about IL elims updates, Nick's round robin happenings, and discuss the current competitive state of everyone's favorite snow lizards.
Published 05/02/22
Keegan chats with Czarvak in the next round of our Adepticon series! 799/800 8 Activations Chewbacca 90 + 11 = 101 --Tenacity (4), Seize the Initiative (5), Recon Intel (2) Clone Captain Rex 100 + 20 = 120 --Improvised Orders (5), Seize the Initiative (5), JT-12 Jetpacks (5), Recon Intel (2), Smoke Grenades (3) Phase I Clone Troopers 52 + 10 = 62 --Phase I Clone Trooper (10) 2x Phase I Clone Troopers 52 + 40 = 92 x 2 = 184 --DP-23 Phase I Trooper (22), Phase I Clone Specialist (11), Recon...
Published 04/28/22
Keegan chats with DocVelo from the TFTN Blog Network about his cut-making Anakin GAR list from Adepticon!   793/800 9 Activations Clone Commander Anakin Skywalker (Saber Throw, Force Push, Endurance) Padme Amidala (Vigilance) 2x Phase I Clone Troopers Phase I Clone Troopers (RPS-6 Phase I Trooper) Arc Troopers (Strike Team) (Echo) 2x Wookiee Warriors (Bowcaster Wookiee, Tenacity, Offensive Push) Not a Story the Jedi Would Tell, This Is Where the Fun Begins•, Our Fate is in Your...
Published 04/25/22
Nick and Keegan chat about the news and dive into a number of hobby related segments this week!
Published 04/18/22
The Adepticon list series has arrived! Keegan chats with Rustbucket about the incoming double ISP menace!   795/800 10 Activations Clone Commander R2-D2 4x Phase I Clone Troopers (DC-15 Phase I Trooper) Phase II Clone Troopers (Clone Comms Technician, Comms Relay) Arc Troopers (Strike Team) (Echo) 2x Infantry Support Platform (Twin Beam Cannons, Linked Targeting Array) Synchronized Offensive•, Blast Off!•, Air Support••, Push••, Attack of the Clones•••, Assault•••, Standing...
Published 04/12/22
Mike, Nick, and Keegan discuss some news, briefly cover the Adepticon results, live-react to invader list stats, and battle report our local tournament from the weekend.
Published 04/04/22