Episode 50 - Snap into a Slim Din
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Keegan, Nick, and Mike recap all of the news and spoilers from Ministravaganza!   Upcoming Events: https://discord.gg/A8rY6ymJ Teespring: https://www.thelegion99podcast.shop
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Published 09/26/22
Keegan, Nick, Mike, and Hob take a supersized time to reflect on the awesome long weekend that was the NoVa Open! We talk about the overall experience, some moderate Nick-salt, and bat-reps galore!
Published 09/12/22
Nick and Keegan are joined by none other than "ya boi" Evan Bulriss for a nonstop conversation about the news and how we feel about swoop bikes, upcoming events, some games we've played, a detour about MoV and SoS, back to a little event coming up this weekend in NOrthern VirginiA, and finish...
Published 08/29/22