Following Your Curiosity In Your Career with Dr. John Jurica
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Are you thinking about pivoting out of clinical medicine, but not sure where to start? In today’s podcast, I interview Dr. John Jurica, founder of the Physician Non-clinical Careers Podcast which has over 250 episodes about various nonclinical careers. In the show, we talk about How following his curiosity. even when it didn’t seem relevant, led him to every next step in his careerSome of the most interesting non-clinical careers he’s witnessed are from actor to advertiser to health care advocateThe biggest mistakes he sees clinicians make as they try to pivot into a non-clinical careerIn this episode, I really pick Dr. Jurica’s brain to uncover all the helpful nuggets of wisdom he’s picked up through his year of experience in the non-clinical world. **If you want an audiobook version of Residency Drop Out, please leave a review of the podcast, screenshot your review and send it to [email protected] GUEST LINKS: WORK WITH CHELSEA: Authentic Career Alignment: 3-6 months of private coaching to help you find a career that’s the right fit for YOU personally. APPLY FOR COACHING: OTHER RESOURCES: 5 Days to Career Clarity: FREE mini-course to help you discover your next career steps. Bye Burnout Starter Kit Identify the 10 most common energy drains that are contributing to your burnout and create an action plan for change. Life After Medicine FB Group Connect with a community of like-minded healthcare professionals seeking career change support Residency Drop Out: My #1 Amazon Bestselling e-book about how I quit my medical career to travel the world and work remotely. Career Transition Planner Step by step guide to changing careers without the overwhelm Find me on social media for more daily content! Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn:
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