From Bedside Nurse to Vibrant Chef with Heather Flowers
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Are you wanting to make some sort of career change but are afraid of making the wrong move. What if the grass isn’t actually greener on the other side? What if you transition to a new career, but still aren’t happy. This is exactly what happened to my podcast guest today Heather Flowers who left bedside nursing initially to become a barber only to find there was still something missing. Listen in to this week’s episode as we discuss… What happens if you leave clinical medicine and still don’t feel happy and fulfilled in a career.How the universe unexpectedly opens doors to guide you to where you’re meant to be.Real talk about managing the ups and downs of being an entrepreneurThis is such an honest conversation and inspirational episode and I cannot wait for you to listen in. GUEST LINKS: [email protected] Facebook: Vibrant Chefs Instagram: vibrantchefsofficial WORK WITH CHELSEA: Private coaching: 3-6 months of private coaching to help you find a career that’s the right fit for YOU personally OTHER RESOURCES: 5 Days to Career Clarity: FREE mini-course to help you discover your next career steps. Bye Burnout Starter Kit Identify the 10 most common energy drains contributing to your burnout and create an action plan for change. Life After Medicine FB Group Connect with a community of like-minded healthcare professionals seeking career change support Residency Drop Out: My #1 Amazon Bestselling e-book about how I quit my medical career to travel the world and work remotely. Career Transition Planner A step-by-step guide to changing careers without the overwhelm Find me on social media for more daily content! Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn:
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