Day 6: Does your career violate your values? Here’s how to know.
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Day 6 of the Diagnose Your Career Unhappiness Podcast Series. Through this series, we will pinpoint exactly WHY you are unhappy in your career, so you can figure out your next steps. Ever wonder why some days at work leave you feeling like you've been punched in the gut? Or why, despite giving it your all, you come home feeling like something's just not right? In this episode, we delve deeply into the significance of aligning values to find happiness in your career. You will identify which values are not being met, and how this awareness is the first step towards understanding WHY you are unhappy in your career. ENROLL NOW in PATHWAY to PURPOSE (starts March 12th) Book your FREE Career Clarity Call: Ready to create a life of freedom and fulfillment? Let's connect to see how I can help you! Click here to book your FREE 30 min Career Clarity Call. Life After Medicine FB Group Connect with a community of like-minded healthcare professionals seeking career change support
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Have you ever felt lost and confused about your career in medicine?Like you've mapped out your whole life, only to wonder if you've been on the right path?By the time you become a clinician, you’ve dedicated over a decade to this dream.Medicine defines your future, your identity.But what happens...
Published 05/31/24
Published 05/31/24