The Paradoxical Approach to Lasting Burnout Recovery with Dr. Bryce Bowers
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Do you ever find yourself commiserating about how burned out or sleep deprived you are? Sometimes we aren’t just commiserating… we are actually competing. To see who slept the least and who worked the most. We wear our burn out like it’s a badge of honor. But does it have to be this way? Do we HAVE to keep sacrificing our health and happiness to be of service to others? In today’s episode, I interview Dr. Bryce Bowers, host of the Badge of Burnout podcast and substack to answer that question. He shares his experience with wearing the shiny badge of burnout and his realization about how useless this badge was when he hit a rock bottom with his mental health. During the conversation we uncover the paradoxical approach that helped Bryce the most on his burnout recovery journey. This episode is such a good reminder that serving others doesn't have to mean losing ourselves. ENROLL NOW in PATHWAY to PURPOSE Book your FREE Career Clarity Call: Ready to create a life of freedom and fulfillment? Let's connect to see how I can help you! Click here to book your FREE 30 min Career Clarity Call. Life After Medicine FB Group Connect with a community of like-minded healthcare professionals seeking career change support
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Published 05/31/24
Published 05/31/24