You don’t have to feel trapped in your job because of “the money” with Katarina Astrup
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Have you ever dreamed of cutting your work hours, going part-time or maybe even taking a nice dreamy sabbatical- but then start feeling panicked by the money. You wish you could just win the lottery so you didn’t have to worry about money- because the reality is- with your current lifestyle, you need almost every single penny of your income just to make ends meet. The cost of living is draining your bank account. The cost of working is draining your soul. It feels like you can’t win- and the result is you feel trapped in an unfulfilling job. You are NOT alone. Money is one of the biggest factors keeping many of stuck in less than satisfying jobs. This is why I am so excited to bring you this conversation with Katarina Astrup, financial expert and founder of PA the FI way- to discuss how we can shift our relationship with money. In this episode we discuss how to start approaching your financial life in a way that finally sets you free (no lottery winning required). Book your FREE Career Clarity Call: Ready to create a life of freedom and fulfillment? Let's connect to see how I can help you! Click here to book your FREE 30 min Career Clarity Call. Life After Medicine FB Group Connect with a community of like-minded healthcare professionals seeking career change support
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Published 05/31/24
Published 05/31/24