'I will make amends'
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Tony Redmond is a Life Changing listener and an experienced medical doctor used to dealing with challenging situations. In December 1988 he attended two major global disasters that left him feeling a broken man, ready to hang up his stethoscope. But it turned out he wasn’t quite done yet.
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In 2021, twins Georgia and Melissa Laurie set off on an adventure to Mexico for some sisterly bonding. Whilst on their travels they stopped at the coastal town of Puerto Escondido where they planned to visit a nearby lagoon and experience the bioluminescent waters. The day was hot so the sisters...
Published 05/14/24
Published 05/14/24
Tier Blundell was never a bad kid, he was bright and curious but also disruptive. He grew up sandwiched between two cultures and felt excluded from society. Those feelings were amplified when aged 11 Tier was informed by his school that he wouldn’t be welcome back following the summer holidays...
Published 04/30/24