Episode 0: Fast. Feast. Repeat. Intermittent Fasting for Life
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Welcome to a special BONUS episode of Gin's and Sheri's new podcast! Today, you can listen to a sneak peek of Fast. Feast. Repeat. Intermittent Fasting for Life, with Gin Stephens and Sheri Bullock. This is episode 0, and episode 1 will come out on 7/5/23. If you like what you hear in this bonus episode, make sure to go to your favorite podcast app and subscribe to the new podcast today. Once you subscribe, you'll get a new episode of the Fast Feast Repeat podcast every Wednesday. And, no worries! The Intermittent Fasting Stories podcast will still be released following the same schedule you're used to. To make a submission for the podcast, go to fastfeastrepeat.com/submit. We are a community-driven podcast, and we look forward to sharing your questions, success stories, non-scale victories, IF tweaks, motivational quotes (and more!) on each episode of the podcast. Go to fastfeastrepeat.com to see Gin’s and Sheri’s favorite things, and to shop with us. Every purchase you make through links on our website help to support this podcast so we can keep bringing you episodes each week. Are you ready to take your intermittent fasting lifestyle to the next level? There’s nothing better than community to help with that. In the Delay, Don’t Deny community we all embrace the clean fast, and there’s just the right support for you as you live your intermittent fasting lifestyle. Connect with both Gin and Sheri in the community, as well as thousands of other intermittent fasters who are there to support you along your journey. If you’re new to intermittent fasting or recommitting to the IF lifestyle, join the 28-Day FAST Start group. After your fast start, join us for support in The 1st Year group. Need tips for long term maintenance? We have a place for that! There are many more useful spaces beyond these, and you can interact in as many as you like. Visit ginstephens.com/community to join us. An annual membership costs just over a dollar a week when you do the math. If you aren’t ready to fully commit for a year, join for a month and you can cancel at any time. If you know you’ll want to stay forever, we also have a lifetime membership option available. IF is free. You don’t need to join our community to fast. But if you’re looking for support from a community of like-minded IFers, we are here for you at ginstephens.com/community.
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