From the makers of Life of Caesar, brings you the guy who influenced Big Julie, Alexander. Nobody has been so kind to a blonde Albanian homosexual midget than these two! Starting with a long look at Philip II through Alex’s adventures in the East to the wars of the Successors, it’s a fascinating...Read full review »
Titus Flavius Silurianus via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 06/04/18
Alexander… He's pretty great I guess. A brilliant podcast with the usual production value that I've come to expect from a Ray and Cam podcast. Comprehensively told. It should be called Alex and friends because you'll have intimate knowledge of the characters from both before and after the main...Read full review »
S(/\)0TT0z via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 02/12/18
So much of history has been encapsulated into tiny digestible taglines ("Napoleon was a tyrant", "Caesar was too ambitious", "The North won the Civil War, then Carbetbaggers usurped Reconstruction until the First World War let the US become a world power", "Castro was an evil socialist", etc.)...Read full review »
Greenday rox!!! via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 11/08/17
For any active marketers or any interested in that field, this podcast would be a great addition to your audio library. Marketing guru Cameron Reilly and his apprentice, Ray Harris, explore the complex process Alexander and his successors utilized in deciding how to best name the numerous great...Read full review »
Matthaeus the Apostate via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 11/05/17
Having listened to this show for all the years it's been airing, it has left an irreversable mark on my view of Greek history. For example, whenever I watch a video or read a text mentioning Perdiccas, I immediately hear Cam playing the 'You're perrdy' clip in my head. Couldn't recommend more...Read full review »
BSBoertje via Apple Podcasts · Netherlands · 10/25/17
I've only started listening to this in the last few weeks, so I'm really enjoying the ability to binge listen to a couple of hundred hours of the greatest podcasting duo ever. In their usual style, the history is delved into in test depth, with little asides - only a few hours worth so far -...Read full review »
Bullfrog@hunter via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 09/27/17
The show is absolutely fantastic, very funny, but above all else very informative. I can't recommend it enough
tboom84 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 09/01/17
In diesem Podcast geht es um Alexander den Großen und anfänglich auch um dessen minderbekannten, aber mindestens ebenso wichtigen Vater, Philipp II. von Makedonien. Die Podcaster Cam und Ray verstehen Ihr Handwerk. Die Show ist sehr lustig (obwohl es auch Furzwitze gibt) und hat immer wieder...Read full review »
Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanic via Apple Podcasts · Germany · 07/15/17
I wrote this already on the Cold War review but I thought I should share it here as well. I laughed so hard once driving on the highway I had to pull over to the side of the road and spit out my coffee. I am not kidding. Plus you actually learn a ton and impress all the ladies with your history...Read full review »
Aires Phoenix via Apple Podcasts · Canada · 06/01/17
I recently became subscriber to Life of Alexander, because I saw a flock of birds and an eagle landed on my balcony. I took that as a sign that I should listen to this podcast. I've listened 25 episodes so far and it's the best I've heard from the Rick and Morty of history podcasts. I learned a...Read full review »
BaryonicMan via Apple Podcasts · Netherlands · 05/04/17
I've been inspirerd to write a review as this is one of the best podcasts out there comeing a close second behind the History of WW2 podcast. And now I have found out that i will soon be able to get pillow cases with Ray and Cams faces on them to comfort me in my pain if do a bit of pillow biting...Read full review »
John05s via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 04/21/17
I have been listening to Ray and Cam starting from the Life of Caesar podcast. The guys, especially Cam put a tremendous amount of research on every episode, and it's just joy to listen to them. I'm listening to "Life of Alexander The Great" podcast along with Arrian's "Alexander the Great" and...Read full review »
Keskeldirik via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 04/20/17
CANNOT RECOMMEND MORE HIGHLY. Remember what it was like the first time you fell in love? Dreambound in class, mumbling to yourself on the tram. Arriving home out of sorts and grinning. So wild with imagination that you found yourself stripping down naked -- lying on top of your sheets sweating...Read full review »
Halvoss via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 03/14/17
Never before has the tantalizing tale of the Great Alexander been told with such panache and hilarity! Ray and Cam should teach history in school. Couldn't stop laughing as Cam referred to Alexander and said - "This guys is insane!". Seriously guys - have learnt more in your podcasts than years...Read full review »
Amin Buskan via Apple Podcasts · Canada · 02/17/17
Best Podcast that has anything to do with HIstory!!!! Follow the other podcasts!
sabionthegreat via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 02/04/17
This podcast redefines the medium and transcends the notion of educatainment. Ray & Cam clearly do alot of preparation offline as putting aside the obvoiusly well researched input its their chemistry and dovetailing which give this series its energy and momentum - the fact that it is easy to...Read full review »
Kaiser19781978 via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 01/06/17
Having listened to Napoleon and WWII - both great podcasts - I think that Ray and Cam bring out the best in each other - when they are together they thrive off each other, making them one of the top podcasting team out there. I enjoyed it in Life of Ceasar and Life of Augustus and now I am...Read full review »
fanofhistory via Apple Podcasts · Sweden · 11/14/16
They both turn up on this podcast a lot! Do you like ancient history mixed in with 80s music, political ramblings and dick jokes -well then this is the podcast for you. Cam does his best to piss Americans and Christians off on every episode with Ray's standard comeback involving something about...Read full review »
Jerryklkke82 via Apple Podcasts · Ireland · 10/24/16
I'd like to improve on Ray's lame attempt at a Macedonian marching song. Here's a ditty I'm sure Alexander's phalanxes would sing. Grasp your sarissa with the right hand and your crotch with the left and sing along... This is my sarissa This is my sword I use this when I fight And this when...Read full review »
Boomy town via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 09/29/16
This podcast goes into fantastic detail on the life of Alexander, the background to his life, and the impact and consequences of his death. It gives this information with humour, wit, context, modern parallel, music, and a genuine warmth between the hosts. I really enjoy this podcast and...Read full review »
El Groo via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 09/26/16
Been listening to this podcast and others by Ray and Cam. They deliver so much information for an in depth look at the time, places and players of history in a very funny format. If your easily offended and can’t handle a joke or have no sense of humour then I suggest not listening. I enjoy...Read full review »
jimmyjaycko via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 09/24/16
There is a certain kind of magic that only shows itself when these guys record together. During each episode we are taken on a journey filled with music, dick jokes and general good humor while at the same time getting a meticulously researched account of one of history's greatest figures. Be...Read full review »
M4ttNz via Apple Podcasts · New Zealand · 08/25/16
I originally fell across the Augustus Caesar podcasts as I was looking for something to listen to on my daily commuter train trip from Riddells Creek to Melbourne in Victoria. Imagine my delight on discovering Alexander the Great. The show is entertaining and funny - so funny that I find myself...Read full review »
Jimbob9988 via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 08/21/16
If you are like me and enjoy your satire mixed with a bit of history , eightys rock tunes , and a healthy fascination with dick jokes, then this could be the podcast for you. Educating us on our own ancient beginnings and the pivotal characters who's names are still relevant some 2500 years...Read full review »
Ty.hall67 via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 08/18/16
I just started episode 34, so I know I've got a long way to go before I make to where Ray and Cam are now. HOWEVER, I know every episode will be worth it, all 34+ hours of them. Started out with LOC, laughed my pants off and now into the Alexander. Once thats done I'll find another Ray and Cam...Read full review »
KrystenL92 via Apple Podcasts · Canada · 07/12/16
Incredibly just found this podcast very addictive the chemistry between Ray and Cam is brilliant have just finished listening to the 1st 60 episodes in a month so of for a lie down in a darkened room Vegas style
Russ510russ510 via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 06/25/16
I was listening to an episode of the podcast recently while doing a fairly heavy dumbbell press at the gym. Cam was on another one of his Jesus rants, which I do enjoy, however at the moment Cam uttered the words "God loves dick skin" I snorted with laughter and dropped the weights nearly...Read full review »
Jchuna via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 06/13/16
This show will make you laugh, rant and nod thoughtfully all in one episode. Cam approaches the subject matter with a fantastic quality of research and that quaint Australian charm that can sound like monumentally insulting ignorance and a complete lack of respect for anyone else's social...Read full review »
wlorien via Apple Podcasts · Ireland · 06/10/16
Great show, alot like the Ceasar show but with more music!
JantheMan21 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 04/27/16
As a high school Latin teacher, I am exposed to a high amount of immaturity and giggling about sexual situations on a daily basis, but it just wasn't enough for me. My life was still seriously lacking in dick jokes, STD humor, and general homoeroticism. Luckily I found Ray and Cam's podcasts to...Read full review »
wmjh81 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 04/19/16
Best podcast ever fellas! Thanks for bringing ancient history and some of its major players to life in such a detailed, hilarious and wicked smart way. Ray and Cam are the podcast duo equivalent to peanut butter and jelly!
Ken Stacey via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 04/17/16
To celebrate my purchase of this wonderful podcast and to put some of what I learned to practical use, I suggested to my wife that we do it Greek style! When I explained what I had learned thanks to Ray and Cam, she looked me me in disgust and asked what made me think that that would be something...Read full review »
Intrepid85 via Apple Podcasts · Canada · 04/04/16
This is a very entertaining and informative podcast. If you’re expecting straightforward history then this is not for you. Ray and Cameron have great chemistry, and it shows as the show plays like 2 friends discussing a shared passion of history. They can get off topic on occasion, but that’s...Read full review »
Doxiedad SC via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 01/12/16
I can't wait for this new podcast on Alexander the great. I'm an avid listened to the Caesar podcast that cam & ray host. These guys make history fun and entertaining. You won't fall asleep in this podcast. Sign up today. The first episode was great and I can't wait for the rest
Nick ogle via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 12/23/15
This podcast, with real people bringing an historical icon back to life with humour, opinions and irreverent reverence is worth the entrance fee. If you want to be challenged, have fun, learn and be entertained, you are in for a treat (as well as some eclectic musical interludes). I raise an ice...Read full review »
Peter from Sunny Adelaide via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 12/19/15
Cam and Ray bring their entertaining style from their Life of Caesar and Augustus to the life of Alexander the Great. What makes this podcast extra special is that they spend a lot of time discussing Alexander’s father Philip of Macedon who usually gets overlooked. Yet, Alexander’s exploits are...Read full review »
Pho. Bolo. H. via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 12/12/15
This morning I observed a strange omen, a large Eagle circled me and I beheld my wife writhing in her bed with a long and very stiff snake (which was strange as I had not found it when I patted her down looking for a sword under her clothes before we went to bed). I decided that I must consult...Read full review »
Begpu via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 12/07/15
To paraphrase: "I'm not afraid of a Podcast that rumbles,rambles and meanders for the sake of a good story and recounting of history; I'm afraid of a podcast that relies on a formulaic recitation of staid, boring and dreary historical facts. The one, two punch of Ray and Cam are anything but...Read full review »
blaine63 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 11/11/15
I consider myself a bit of a veteran of Ray & Cam's podcasts, including the excellent Caesar/Octavian podcast, Ray's WW2 podcast, and Cam's Napoleon podcast. This is very similar to their Caesar/Octavian podcast, so if you enjoyed that you'll definitely like this one. I really appreciate that...Read full review »
Studio1972 via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 10/30/15
I don't know what the secret to their success is. Obviously- I mean it's a secret, right? Kinda like how the Aussie guy gets away with playing all that copyrighted music that even gangsta rappers have to pay for? Great chemistry maybe. Lots of laughs, and lots of learns. Ray and Cam have kept...Read full review »
Owl;) via Apple Podcasts · Canada · 10/08/15
I gotta say I really like the intro music. Great soundtrack. Now if we could get more of that and less of Cam's favorite hits that would be nice. I really like this show. However, the same problems that plagued the Life of Caesar show plague this one. The political rants and random music get...Read full review »
Riekopo via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 10/02/15
I signed up to this recently after thoroughly enjoying Ray and Cam's Life of Ceaser Podcast and Cam's earlier Naploeon podcast. All are very funny and entertaining and you learn while you laugh - the best way. I just listened to another great episode this morning that managed to include the plans...Read full review »
zorgthemerciless via Apple Podcasts · New Zealand · 09/21/15
Obviously I am quoting Cam himself from a rant about reading books and having your own point of view. Dick jokes, old rock and rap, tangent after tangent, two brilliantly puerile amateurs making history fun. Loved Napoleon, Caesar and now Alexander, WWII also good, but less fun, bring on Augustus!
Liddler via Apple Podcasts · Ireland · 09/20/15
If hilarious historical commentary and labored puns- followed by music right out of a Richard Simmons workout video- are your cup of tea, which they should be, then this is very much the podcast for you! Journey once more with Ray and Cam to the mystical East, saving quite a bit on travel...Read full review »
HailBrianFullofGrace via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 09/13/15
Who doesn't like detachable penises thrown into a history podcast. My current measure of a good podcast have widened since listening to The Life of Caesar and The Life of Alexander. I now need a dick joke or two thrown in to a podcast or it's just not the same.
Nicer2013 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 08/30/15
Not nearly the quality of the Ceaser Podcast. For example not a mention of the indo-european origins of the Spartans or Athenians when they spend 50 minutes on their origins. Pathetic. Overall a decent podcast. Worth 5 dollars? Depends. I love these guys but man they need to nut up or shut up....Read full review »
podcastland via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 08/12/15
Oh boy, don't know if I can match up to some of the witty and ... blunt reviews left and read during the show before, but here we go: The Life of Alexander the great came and went. Years passed, and dull history teachers came into the classroom and made school children wish they were anywhere...Read full review »
AK2ALEXANDER via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 07/27/15
THE best of two worlds. Education and entertainment ! THE US versus Australian , knowledge and Witt ! Common sense and conspiricy theories! A must listen to for Anyone interested in history ! IT makes you think!
Harm Pomp via Apple Podcasts · Netherlands · 07/23/15
Ray and Cam, the hosts of the Life of Caesar podcast, have struck gold here. Though their Midas Touch precludes their self-pleasure, they provide a lot of funny bone stroking for their listeners. But this podcast is so much more than just a combination of history and humor. The hosts provide...Read full review »
NolaCliff via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 07/20/15
I listen to the free episode. To say it's not worth the money the want is being kind. Guts if your going to charge for a podcast the give us some content. The hour plus first show had maybe 10 to 15 minute of historical data the rest was humorous but not worth $5 a month. You want to charge for...Read full review »
Froganator via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 07/09/15
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