Third podcast, last podcast.
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In this episode I touch a little more, a lot more, on what I actually want the podcast to be. I wanna inform and show people what its like being a homeless drug addict in a s****y f**k hoe of a town. With a crazy skitzofrantic girlfriend. The heroin epidemic in the United States is in full stride and is knocking pins down left and right. Its good at what it does. Heroin does not discriminate, it does not matter who you are and what you do heroin will destroy you. Fromthe inside out! I hope this podcast shit works out like this episode did. --- This episode is sponsored by ยท Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
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Epiphany after epiphany in this first episode of season 3 straight out of C. Springs. I share some ideas about what we as a whole should do to fix this meth and heroin epidemic. A few good friends died that were tied to the epidemic and it sparked motivation inside of me to start doing podcasts...
Published 07/22/21
Episode 1 of season 2 returning with some more raw uncut heroin addict bulshit shenanigans. Margie and I are at it again and this time we're in the small, secluded bathroom at the BK lounge AKA Burger King. After listening back on episode 1 of season 1 I realized how original and awesome it was...
Published 04/17/21