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Hey Lifers, Welcome back to Ask Uncut where we answer all of your deep and dark dilemmas!  Britt has some really exciting personal news about her sister Sheri and her husband Jay.Vibes for this week:Britt - Bodyparts on Nine Now Keeshia - Three Identical Strangers on NetflixLaura - No Filter Patrick Gagne is a sociopathThen we jump into your questions! SHOULD I ATTEND THE FUNERAL?I was with my ex for 12 years. During the last 3 of those years my ex-Mother in Law (MIL) lived with us; I knew her very well. I'm now happily remarried with two kids and haven't spoken to anyone from my ex's family for around 6 years. Recently, I found out my ex-MIL has gotten very sick and it got me thinking about when she passes away. I would want to pay my respects to her given she was a huge part of my past life, but I don't know if attending her funeral and seeing my ex and his family for the first time since leaving him would only add to their pain. My question is: who do you attend a funeral for? Is it for the person who has passed away? Or their loved ones left behind? I DON'T WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH MY COWORKER How do I let a work colleague know that I have no interest in being friends with them outside of work (or even at work TBH)? I really struggle working with this particular person, but that's clearly unbeknownst to her as she continually asks me to do things outside of work! I always come up with excuses not to go, but it's getting harder and harder. Also these are not big group things where everyone is invited, it's literally just the two of us and maybe one or 2 other people. Do I need to be more direct? Or just say yes and make it a really bad time so she doesn't want to hang out anymore? Or just keep putting up with it and coming up with excuses? SHOWER ETIQUETTE What is the etiquette when using someone else’s shower while staying with them? Do you bring your own shampoo/conditioner/body wash etc? Or is it acceptable to use theirs? DO I CONFRONT/ASK HIM OR PLAY IT OUT Last week my husband asked me to pick up a parcel for him from the post office and said it was a tool for work. When I picked up the parcel, I noticed it was from a silversmith so I googled them. I didn’t look any further as Mother’s Day was approaching and didn’t want to ruin my surprise. I didn’t get jewellery for Mothers Day. I looked on the website and it could be fingerprint jewellery but it’s way out of our budget. I mentioned it to my best friend to see what to do. After naming the jeweller, she said our mutual friend is mates with the jeweller, maybe our friend is going to propose and use my husband and our address for secret delivery. The 3 possible situations are: My husband bought someone else jewellery Fingerprint jewellery that will be back in a few weeks My husband is in on our friend's proposal and is keeping it secret (fair enough). My question is, do I ask my husband about the parcel or do I wait and see if something happens in the coming months? Clearly it’s bothering me haha. You can watch us on Youtube If you have an question please send it on it to life uncut podcast on Instagram Join us on tiktok Or join the Facebook Discussion Group Tell your mum, tell your dad, tell your dog, tell your friend and share the love because WE LOVE LOVE! xx See for privacy information.
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Published 06/19/24
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