The NHL season finally comes to an end tonight in game 7 with the Florida Panthers hosting the Edmonton Oilers. Obviously there is some bias as Vladdy is on the Panthers,
Published 06/24/24
The NHL Draft is quickly approaching and the week leading up to the draft usually is madness.
Published 06/22/24
Doug Armstrong has two seasons left as the Blues' GM, and with the recent signings he's made it does bring up the question of what his plan is for the team.
Published 06/20/24
Scott Perunovich signed a one year extension, which brings up some questions for the future of the Blues. Does this mean that Doug Armstrong is looking to just "run it back" again?
Published 06/19/24
With the recent news that Alex Steen is set to be the future GM of the St. Louis Blues it's clear the right steps were taken to help the organization continue to grow in the right direction.
Published 06/14/24
Introducing The Boston Celtics didn't let up on Dallas, even without Kristaps Porzingis from Locked On Sports Today - Daily Podcast Covering The Biggest Sports Stories. Follow the show: Locked On Sports Today - Daily Podcast Covering The Biggest Sports Stories The Dallas Mavericks needed game three just to show that they would not lay down in this series. The Boston Celtics, on the other hand, were playing with house money. And basketball said goodbye to Jerry West. Support Us By Supporting...
Published 06/14/24
Today it was announced that Alex Steen would become the Blues' future GM in 2026 and Doug Armstrong would be President Of Hockey Operations until the 2028-2029 season.
Published 06/14/24
It's the five year anniversary of when the Blues won the Stanley Cup. We Went Blues Day is all about remembering how good it felt five years ago? Right?
Published 06/12/24
Introducing Dan Hurley rejected the Los Angeles Lakers... now what? from Locked On Sports Today - Daily Podcast Covering The Biggest Sports Stories. Follow the show: Locked On Sports Today - Daily Podcast Covering The Biggest Sports Stories Two of the biggest brand name teams in basketball couldn’t pry Dan Hurley away from his chance at history with UCONN. Speaking of the Lakers … like, what now? And the Steelers made a move that should surprise exactly no one. Support Us By Supporting Our...
Published 06/12/24
Haley talks about the importance of goalies in today's NHL and why Binnington deserves ALL the respect for his outstanding performances.
Published 06/12/24
Haley talks about how the Florida Panthers being underdogs makes her think of the Blues during the playoffs...now, despite the Panthers have home advantage for majority of the series' they still were ALWAYS the underdog..
Published 06/11/24
Happy five year anniversary of one of the most insane sequences that ever took place during a SCF. Hey, now we laugh since we won! The memories of the 2018-2019 bring us such joy, so why not talk about it?
Published 06/07/24
Haley talks about the Blues' offense and how they weren't as bad as people made them out to be. Just a tough season, but there is always positives even in the "bad."
Published 06/06/24
We all know that the weakest part of the St. Louis Blues is the defense... however, it could get worse. What if the Blues aka Doug Armstrong "stand pat" during this off-season with the defense.
Published 06/05/24
The Florida Panthers and The Edmonton Oilers are in the SCF. With this being the most intense series ahead, there is one difference maker for the Panthers. His name is Vladimir Tarasenko
Published 06/03/24
With the 2024 NHL Entry Level Draft approaching, there seems to be a lot of hope that the St. Louis Blues will have a busy off-season! Will the Blues try to move up in the draft?
Published 06/01/24
Haley talks about the hatred between the Blues and Blackhawks throughout the years, and honestly it's simple we just HATE the Hawks.
Published 05/31/24
Haley talks about the Blues' potential draft prospects and how she really wants the Blues to select a solid defenseman or winger. When it comes to centers and goalies the Blues are solid.
Published 05/30/24
What if the Blues could get Brady Tkachuk !? Well...anything can happen right... Haley breaks down what getting a STAR player in the NHL could do for the Blues.
Published 05/28/24
Haley Taylor Simon breakdown what she thinks Blues GM Doug Armstrong will do this off-season. Haley brings up Brayden Schenn and his leadership abilities.
Published 05/25/24
Haley asks the big question that been on her mind and that is "were we too hard on Kevin Hayes?"
Published 05/24/24
Introducing The Indiana Pacers may have already missed out on their best chance against the Boston Celtics from Locked On Sports Today - Daily Podcast Covering The Biggest Sports Stories. Follow the show: Locked On Sports Today - Daily Podcast Covering The Biggest Sports Stories The Indiana Pacers missed their chance in Game 1 and after Game 2 … it’s getting late early. Also, the Cavaliers fired JB Bickerstaff, but this was NOT a scapegoating. And there’s a simple reason why the Suns and...
Published 05/24/24
Today on Locked On Blues, Haley talks about the potential moves the Blues could make this off-season that will make them a playoff contending team.
Published 05/23/24
Haley talks about the "what ifs" with the Blues' potential downfall when firing Craig Berube and how it could have been the worst decision the franchise has made.
Published 05/22/24