LLP Ep. 89- Will Fraud For Food
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On this episode, we have Denno Non-Hu, underground artist of Florida with his first time on a podcast. Discussing topics such as the Korean horror series, Squid Game, R. Kelly faces life in prison, an NBA player trying to start a rap career, who is Bishop Sycamore, fake pilot resigns and more LIKE our page at "Logic Podcast" on Facebook and FOLLOW us on Instagram @looplogicpod FOLLOW the guest on Instagram @dennononhu and LISTEN to his latest song, Fine As F**k on Soundcloud now! GLOCKTOBER ON OCT.30TH! @looplyferecords on IG for more info Remember, Merch is always available at
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On this episode, I got one of my real Day 1s with me for his 1st real podcast and promoting his new music, Talibann Ytaichi. Talking about breaking records with Nunes v Pena and Steph Curry, brain chips could be ready in 2022, Chipotle is now making merch, another Florida Man story and more For...
Published 12/31/21
On this episode, I'm here with HotHead Hunna, artist and member of Loop Lyfe Ent. Talks about being kicked out of 6th grade for rapping, the rumored beef between him and 4Way members, losing a father figure to a life sentence, promoting his upcoming project, "Just The Beginning" coming in 2022...
Published 12/18/21
Published 12/18/21