The Real Underbelly
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In this insane episode of Loose Units, Paul sits down with his ex-cop dad, John, and they delve into a case that begins with a headless, handless body hidden in a national park... and ends somewhere truly unbelievable. We also talk about what it takes to make an initial assessment of a crime scene. Don't forget: Loose Units the book is almost sold out nationally! To help us reach a milestone, grab yours for Father's Day right here: For information regarding your data privacy, visit
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Hear the thrilling conclusion to our first ever live Loose Units, where Paul and John Verhoeven do true crime for a sol-out crowd at Toff in Town! Fun fact: they're doing an even bigger, more epic live show at Giant Dwarf on the 11th of October! Don't miss out: grab your tix now right here:...
Published 09/16/19
Paul and John bring Loose Units LIVE to Melbourne! In part one of this epic two-parter, they do Loose Units for a sold-out crowd from the Toff in Town, and ask the big questions: how does autoerotic asphyxiation work? What is that yellow stuff on the ceiling? And can our audience solve a...
Published 09/09/19
On this week's episode, John and Paul talk about something hard. Something... VERY hard. A series of grisly thefts from a morgue leads to a discussion about some of the fiddlier elements of forensics, and John reveals to Paul exactly what kind of a cop he'd have made if he'd made a run at it. ...
Published 09/02/19