The Real Underbelly
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In this insane episode of Loose Units, Paul sits down with his ex-cop dad, John, and they delve into a case that begins with a headless, handless body hidden in a national park... and ends somewhere truly unbelievable. We also talk about what it takes to make an initial assessment of a crime scene. Don't forget: Loose Units the book is almost sold out nationally! To help us reach a milestone, grab yours for Father's Day right here: For information regarding your data privacy, visit
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Ex-cop John Verhoeven and his son, Paul Verhoeven, embark on a new season of Loose Units! This time: John's ten years as a New South Wales fire fighter. But how do you actually join up? And how bizarre and taxing are the entrance exams? And why, John, why would you sign up in the first place?...
Published 02/18/20
In this glorious, disgusting, revealing episode of Loose Units, we do a crossover event with My Dad Wrote a Porno! Host Jamie Morton sits down with Paul, and they talk in-depth about what it's like to tell your Dad's confronting stories. They also play a game called Horny For Justice... and Jamie...
Published 02/09/20
An update on season three, as well as info on a NEW live Loose Units show! Find out more at For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Published 01/09/20