Published 07/05/22
This week Dave and Sacheen welcome another legend of BRFC, Brendan Ridge. Captain for as many years as we can remember, Brendan is the epitome of love for club and sport. With the help from Brendan's super human memory, we talk all thing Super League. Clearly unfazed by his countless head wounds (we think he wins the award for most in a career), Brendan reminds us in perfect detail of the glory days  traveling and playing together in the Super League.  As only a true Bostonian can, Brendan...
Published 07/05/22
For episode 9,  Dave and Sacheen welcome one of our favorite number 9's and former BRFC captain, Sean Treacy. Born in the U.S.A. to Irish parents, Sean had the unique experience of learning to play and love rugby in Ireland, while also being able to play as a USA Eagle in the U-19 and U-20 World Cup. Today's lesson: you never know when or from who the big opportunities are going to come. Listen as we discuss the duality of playing in Ireland and the USA simultaneously, the different ways in...
Published 06/28/22
This week Dave and Sacheen talk with Chris Stone, a member of Boston Rugby's D3 National Championship Team. Stoney, a flanker known for his ability to poach ball, enjoyed a great career with two Super League teams - Boston Rugby and Old Puget Sound Beach. We discuss life once you decide to hang up the boots, the rugby scene in Seattle and Stoney's dedication to service for the greater good. Please enjoy this episode of Love & Rugby!
Published 06/20/22
This week Dave and Sacheen are joined by current BRFC rugby player Kaleb Herd, aka Cookie. Sacheen's quest to find the reason sport affects us so deeply may be answered in this conversation. Cookie's desire to better himself for the good of the collective and his thoughts on what rugby means to him are truly inspirational. To say this conversation touched us, is an understatement. Listen in as Cookie discusses his opportunity with the New England Independents, six degrees of Tim O.C. and a...
Published 05/23/22
This week Dave and Sacheen take an interlude to recap the season, dissect human nature and chat about Major League Rugby and our very own New England FreeJacks.  Have a listen as Sacheen shares her first fifteen and Dave reveals his tried and true pregame ritual.   We wish the boys of Boston Rugby well as they head to Newport, RI this weekend for the annual NERFU tournament!
Published 05/16/22
This week Dave and Sacheen get emotional as we say farewell to a BRFC legend, Ed O'bare. Fast Eddie stops by to discuss super strength, scrum mechanics, rugby in Kenya and his multiple runs with Boston Rugby. At 46, Ed is an inspiration to all, not just rugby players. Ed recently announced his retirement from the Boston Rugby Football Club, and to say that he will be missed is an understatement. Another long one, but we couldn't cut a single word. Thanks for everything Ed...until next time!
Published 05/09/22
It's been an emotional weekend with BRFC ending their playoff run. While the sting is still strong, this episode reminds us that in the end the game is about much more than wins and losses. Glory comes in the moments in between where you find your chosen family. This week Dave and Sacheen chat with Jack Knivett, one of our favorite people and the biggest fan of rugby we know. We talk a whole lot about the history of rugby and the intricacies of Dave's line out form. Come for the lessons, stay...
Published 05/02/22
This week Dave and Sacheen welcome BRFC co-captain Tim O'Connor. Tim's love and enthusiasm for  rugby show that Dave is not alone in feeling this game is infectious. We talk about Tim's personal journey with the sport and how for him all roads led to Boston. Tim is a true leader on and off the field and shares his hopes for the club as we discuss the the regional super finals  coming up on Saturday, April 30!
Published 04/25/22
Dave and Sacheen are excited to welcome their first ever guest to the show...Chris Williams! Chris has been a dedicated member of the Boston Rugby Club for even longer than Dave and in that time has worn every possible hat a person can, including the longest tenure as president in club history. Chris was also a player in the club's last national championship in 2000. Please enjoy listening to Chris' rugby story! Listener note: we had some technical difficulties in recording this episode and...
Published 04/18/22
Welcome to Love and Rugby. In this episode, Dave and Sacheen discuss the origins of this podcast, our history with rugby, and the sliding doors that led to this rugby life of ours. We introduce listeners to the podcast and what to expect in future episodes, including the first 15! Happy listening!
Published 04/11/22