WWDC24 brought updates across Apple's platforms and was used to announce the company's move into the AI era. David and Stephen hit the highlights of what's new.
Published 06/13/24
Published 06/13/24
In this feedback episode, the guys discuss iMessage, Arc, Notes, and more. Then, they chat about OmniFocus 4 and David's new Field Guide.
Published 06/09/24
Arc is a new browser that started life on macOS in 2022. David and Stephen have been using it for months, taking notes and gathering thoughts. This week, they discuss its features, and how AI could change the way people browse the web.
Published 06/02/24
iMessage is one of the stickiest parts of the Apple ecosystem, and this week, the guys discuss some of its features, explore its security credentials, and share some tips for making it run smoothly.
Published 05/26/24
John Buck published a book covering the "Apple Technology Group," a division within Apple that operated back in the 1980s and 1990s and experimented with many forward-looking bits of technology that we take for granted today.
Published 05/19/24
This week, Apple unveiled new iPad Pro and iPad Air models. Stephen and David talk through the news and discuss why hardware isn't at the heart of the iPad's struggles.
Published 05/08/24
AI is suddenly everywhere, from online services and software to bespoke hardware products. This week, David takes Stephen on a journey to talk about the tools he has found useful, as well as what's not ready for prime time yet.
Published 05/05/24
Neil Jhaveri founded Mimestream, a macOS email app for Gmail users. Stephen and David talk to Neil about his time at Apple, Mimestream's roadmap (including an iOS version and supporting non-Google services), and email's place in today's world.
Published 04/28/24
On this feedback episode, the guys catch up on listener feedback, share some unique uses for Freeform, discuss some good Apple Watch apps, and talk about the Mac's startup sound.
Published 04/21/24
Lee Garret is the new owner of ScreenCastsOnline. He joins Stephen and David to discuss his background in technology, his Apple gear, and how clear communication and processes are key to any successful endeavor.
Published 04/14/24
David and Stephen revisit Freeform and discuss how it's improved since its launch and what Apple could do next with the application. They also share how they use the app and how it shines in visionOS.
Published 04/07/24
Stephen walks David through the ins and outs of collecting old Apple gear, and the pair take the wraps off an MPU redesign.
Published 03/31/24
David Metzger is a composer, arranger, and orchestrator with a celebrated career that has earned him Academy, Grammy, and Tony Awards. He joins the guys to talk about how the music for some of the most beloved films and shows of our time is made.
Published 03/24/24
Stephen and David offer advice on how to best care for Macs, iPhones, iPads, and more, from cleaning to battery management and beyond. Then, the guys reflect on recent news, including the new MacBook Air and the death of the company's car project.
Published 03/17/24
Ryan Murphy returns to the Mac Power Users to discuss systems design principles when choosing software and workflows, intelligent use of AI tools, Obsidian, and using technology as a parent.
Published 03/10/24
On this feedback episode, Stephen and David check in with the Vision Pro, discuss plumbing super powers, the mysteries of AppleCare, and more.
Published 03/03/24
David and Stephen battle it out in naming their favorite iOS apps.
Published 02/25/24
Mike Vardy drops by the show to talk about the journey behind his upcoming book, his love of the Freewrite family of products, and how he runs his growing online business.
Published 02/18/24
Apple Vision Pro is here. David and Stephen share their initial thoughts on Apple's first new platform in ten years, talk about how it performs in entertainment and productivity and then answer some listener questions about the device.
Published 02/11/24
Jeff Richardson returns to the show to talk about how AI has changed how he works with documents and how technologies like spatial computing and Standby can impact day-to-day workflows.
Published 02/04/24
On this feedback episode: more about AppleCare and the Vision Pro, then some listener feedback and more proof Stephen and David spend too much time together.
Published 01/28/24
Apple has several variations of its warranty offerings. This week, Stephen and David detail the differences between various AppleCare products and discuss their value to customers.
Published 01/21/24
After years of thought and work, David has launched The Productivity Field Guide. In this episode, he speaks with Stephen about some of the elements of the guide, what went into it and what comes next.
Published 01/14/24
Stephen and David explore Apple's new Journal app and discuss the technology that powers it, which is being leveraged by other journaling apps, including Day One. The guys also retell the history of Sherlocking.
Published 01/07/24