09 - Heaven
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What do we know about heaven? Let’s see what the Bible tells us about it and what we can anchor our hope in during every season of life. You will love the Dwell audio bible app: http://dwellapp.io/Jennie Find Jennie’s book series for kids: http://Theolaby.com
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"I am a type A, firstborn, do-it-all, perfectionistic mom of 4 who has been striving to prove myself my whole life…if you are feeling frazzled from striving so hard, from feeling like you need to prove your worth to others, from feeling like you’re sinking or drowning beneath the weight you...
Published 09/22/20
Season 6 is coming Sep 29th and we can't wait! Are you worn down? Burnt out? Are your hardest emotions feeling unbearable? The things we have used to prop up our pain have been kicked out from under us during COVID and what is underneath is exposed. We stay busy. We stay entertained. We numb out....
Published 09/15/20
You get to hear from a new friend of mine from Kenya named Jey. We need some perspective and sometimes for me, perspective comes from hearing other people's stories. Jey has a story worth telling! We talk about growing up in the slums in Kenya, what it's like trying to live in community here in...
Published 09/08/20