My favourite motivational quotes.... Let's enjoy
Published 11/25/21
For all my Malayalee weeb friends , review of demon slayer s2
Published 10/12/21
If u need comedy , and boradi maataan aan thalparyam engil , trust me this is the best
Published 08/27/21
I love anime so much, I'll make a short explanation here ... And find your favourite anime .. go and watch online
Published 08/27/21
Everyone has their habits. bad or good, it describes you
Published 07/24/21
Let's do a favour ... Support them , respect them according to their pronounces, and stop homophobic comments
Published 06/10/21
I love anime , so much .. as u know this episode is especially dedicated to you , my dear
Published 06/09/21
Most of them don't know about , what is pride month .... Let me tell u
Published 06/05/21
Every language is beautiful...
Published 06/03/21
Oru change Aara agrahikkaathe , ketu noku ...
Published 05/30/21
Love is Love... What u think, listen to it and tell me what u guys think.
Published 05/21/21
A little bit time lapse again .. I'm so sorry 😐. But this is for u
Published 04/15/21
Things u should always take care of ur self ... In that mental health is also one point , so here I'm to tell u ...
Published 03/13/21
U know ... Naadan paatugal in Malayalam , but what about the naadan song in other states ... Literally I'm talking about kannada ... Listen to this and please support
Published 03/09/21
For every women's out there ... Ur amazing trust me .
Published 03/08/21
Hai .. guys this is ur Chocobrowngirl ... Thankyou for supporting my podcast ... Stay tuned for more updates
Published 03/08/21
Listen mone listen 🥳
Published 03/06/21
Ende anubhavangal with regarding to this corona 2nd ....
Published 02/26/21
Silly matters but those hidden nature loving personality of people's like me ...
Published 01/04/21
Ok , I agree that 2020 was little bit unusual , but still let's welcome 2021with hope .. and lots of energy
Published 12/31/20
Always love to learn English English , because it's a universal accepted language . U should also try it , hey dude give it a try man
Published 12/09/20
About my what's app chats , type of friends
Published 12/09/20
I'm now totally a online class student, so I couldn't travel in bus since lockdown started , so I thought I should go for this topic
Published 12/04/20
The best ship is friendship , always holds us in sea of life
Published 12/03/20