Manga Mavericks EP. 204: June 2022 News Roundup!
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On this episode of Manga Mavericks, it time once again to catch up on a ton of news!! Colton & Lum discuss the latest new serializations, licenses and anime news! Such stories include Togashi starting his own Twitter account to tease the latest manuscripts he's been drawing, the now confirmed US theatrical release date for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and the ongoing unionization of the worker of Seven Seas!! Note 1: Right in the middle of writing this post, we got an update from Eric letting us know that he found the manga he was looking for! For anyone who was curious, its Umisora Kaze ni Hana by Masaru Ooishi, which unfortunately isn't out in English at the time of writing this, but maybe one day! Note 2: We recorded this episode before it was confirmed that Hakusensha would continuing Berserk with the help of Kouji Mori and the people of Studio Gaga, but we will for sure be discussing that on our next episode! For a complete list of links and Community Shout-Outs mentioned in this episode, please visit this podcast's webpage at: PODCAST BREAKDOWN: 00:00 - Intro/Patreon updates & shout outs 06:10 - Email from Eric 11:18 - Akiko Higashimura’s new manga 12:45 - Satoshi Shiki’s new manga 14:06 - Dororo gets Japanese/Korean webcomic remake 16:17 - Boichi’s new webtoon series 18:10 - New Golgo 13 spinoff manga 21:10 - My Love Mix-up has ended 23:03 - MADK ending on June 30th 24:07 - My Hero Academia: Vigilantes has ended 26:05 - Ayashimon & Protect Me! Shugomaru have ended 36:21 - Ghost Reaper Girl goes on indefinite hiatus 38:43 - Togashi joins Twitter, teases Hunter x Hunter’s return 47:03 - Overdrive adds Medio Do content 47:47 - Dark Horse to publish "final" Berserk volume this November 49:01 - Comikey launches mobile app 52:33 - Azuki licensing their own manga, starting with Hikaru in the Light 55:46 - INKR adds Muv Luv and Kodansha simulpubs 56:41 - Kodansha rereleases The Wallflower digitally  57:47 - Bookwalker adds Yen Press audiobooks 58:22 - Living the Line sets up Kickstarter for Yokoyama Yuchi’s Plaza 59:56 - Colton's Licensing Highlights 1:19:36 - Lum's Licensing Highlights 1:36:39 - The Workers of Seven Seas are unionizing 1:53:27 - Amazon Prime adds parts 2 to 4 of Shin-chan spinoff series with all-new English dub 1:56:30 - Fathom Events to screen Macross Frontier films this month 1:57:50 - Upcoming theatrical releases from GKids 2:01:08 - Eleven Arts licenses The House of the Lost on the Cape and Deemo Memorial Keys 2:02:41 - Fruits Basket Prelude film opens in North America on June 25th 2:04:13 - Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will open in the US on August 19th 2:09:03 - Crunchyroll has licensed and will release Makoto Shinkai’s next film internationally in early 2023 2:10:24 - Jujutsu Kaisen 0 ends theatrical run as the 7th biggest anime film worldwide 2:11:56 - Rhys Thomas to direct live-action Robotech 2:13:35 - Speed Racer live-action tv series being produced for Apple by JJ Abrams 2:16:34 - Live-action Tiger & Bunny series in the works 2:17:55 - Black Lotus sequel comic released 2:19:30 - Adult Swim to produce Rick & Morty anime & Ninja Kamui 2:24:27 - Me & Roboco gets tv anime (for real this time) 2:25:41 - Kubo Won't Let Me Be Invisible gets tv anime 2:26:34 - Yuri Is My Job! gets tv anime 2:27:25 - My Hero Academia gets 2 original episodes for release this summer 2:28:37 - Mob Psycho season 3 coming this October 02:29:29 - Konosuba’s third season confirmed 02:30:58 - Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse gets tv anime 02:31:58 - Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa premieres this October 02:32:50 - JoJo: Stone Ocean’s second cour coming September 1st 02:34:42 - Pokemon Journeys anime begins climactic arc 02:38:59 - Community Shout-outs! 02:49:46 - Wrap up Enjo
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