Avoiding “Rookie Mistakes” on Race Day
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In this episode we share rookie mistakes that must be avoided on race day as Trevor brings you (via the wonders of podcasting) to the Richmond Half Marathon. Plus, listen as our nutrition coach explains adaptive thermogenesis and metabolic recovery.
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In this episode we speak with Brad Stulberg -performance coach and author of new book ‘Master of Change: How to Excel When Everything is Changing —Including You’.
Published 09/23/23
Published 09/23/23
In this episode we’re helping runners troubleshoot pre-run and intra-run fueling, bonking; nutrition for peri-menopause and menopause; how to add more protein to your diet, including vegan protein sources; dealing with nausea after a race; and the 3 essential nutrition practices you don’t want to...
Published 09/10/23