‘Tis the season — for taxes
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The holiday season may be over, but another “season” is now upon us — the one to pay your taxes. The IRS’s window to submit tax returns is open from now until around April 15 for most people, and the agency is promising better service than in recent years when it experienced crippling delays. Renters nowadays are having to spend higher and higher proportions of their income on housing, which takes away from spending in other areas. And, some of the Federal Reserve’s highest-profile figures are publicly disagreeing about how much to hike interest rates in the near future.
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The Federal Reserve, after much hand-wringing amongst market watchers, ended up raising interest rates by 0.25% yesterday, signaling the central bank’s emphasis on fighting inflation despite recent instability in the financial sector. We look into what went into Chair Jerome Powell’s calculus on...
Published 03/23/23
Published 03/23/23
From the BBC World Service: After the Federal Reserve, it’s the turn of the Bank of England to make a decision on interest rates. Central banks are juggling two major concerns — inflation and stability in the banking sector. Since SVB collapsed, we’ve seen how higher rates affect the value of...
Published 03/23/23