Secret Knowledge, Ancient Teachings & Higher Consciousness- Matt LaCroix, Adam Fitzgerald - Mastermind Discussions #17
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I am joined by Adam Fitzgerald - a talented musician, writer, and researcher, to discuss his unique path in life, background into esoteric studies, and what he considers the most important writings from history. So many of these important ancient teachings from the past still remain unknown to most of society - representing the culmination of thousands of years of knowledge passed down by the greatest mystics and sages of all time.
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On this episode of Mastermind Discussions, Iā€™m joined by Giulia Eve Flores ā€“ writer, actress, content producer, and aspiring filmmaker, to discuss her incredible story, the esoteric path of higher consciousness, and the work she has done to help inspire and teach others. From performances to...
Published 06/27/22
Published 06/27/22
I am joined by Umar Wise ā€“ esoteric researcher and spiritual guru to discuss his path, background in ancient texts, and knowledge of the Egyptian and Atlantean civilizations. From the Emerald Tablets to the Kybalion, Umar and I delve deep into the forgotten wisdom of the past.
Published 04/17/22