On this episode of Mastermind Discussions, I’m joined by Giulia Eve Flores – writer, actress, content producer, and aspiring filmmaker, to discuss her incredible story, the esoteric path of higher consciousness, and the work she has done to help inspire and teach others. From performances to spiritual workshops and inspirational videos, her mystical journey has touched the lives of countless people
Published 06/27/22
Published 06/27/22
I am joined by Umar Wise – esoteric researcher and spiritual guru to discuss his path, background in ancient texts, and knowledge of the Egyptian and Atlantean civilizations. From the Emerald Tablets to the Kybalion, Umar and I delve deep into the forgotten wisdom of the past.
Published 04/17/22
I am joined by Adam Fitzgerald - a talented musician, writer, and researcher, to discuss his unique path in life, background into esoteric studies, and what he considers the most important writings from history. So many of these important ancient teachings from the past still remain unknown to most of society - representing the culmination of thousands of years of knowledge passed down by the greatest mystics and sages of all time.
Published 03/21/22
I am joined by Kaedrich Olsen – who is an expert in esoteric information and mysticism, to discuss his story and deep knowledge into magick, the nature of reality, and the teachings left behind from the ascended masters of history. We also delve into the physics behind consciousness, dimensions, and what our purpose is here on Earth and the universe.
Published 02/19/22
I am joined by Tariq EQ Amawi - a brilliant creator, speaker, and soul-path activator, to discuss his background and viewpoints about consciousness, control systems, educational doctrines, and the path of humanity. We go deep into the reasons behind these systems and why we should be so positive about the future. This is one of the best conversations I’ve had in a while and I think it will resonate greatly with many. It’s time to step out of Plato’s Cave…
Published 01/09/22
Join Christ Mathieu and I as we do a special Mastermind Discussions show on top of Table Mountain in Colorado, discussing hidden history, return to the Golden Age, lost civilizations, and the current time we’re in now. So much is about to change with our story.
Published 10/23/21
On this episode of Mastermind Discussions, I am joined by writer/researcher Paul Wallis to discuss the corruption of the Abrahamic Religions, ET gods, spiritual enlightenment, and his latest book: The Scars of Eden. Paul and I dive deep into the secrets of antiquity and the mysteries of our past in order to seek answers to some of the greatest questions of all…
Published 07/03/21
On this special episode of Mastermind Discussions, I am joined by returning guest Brien Foerster- renown ancient history researcher and writer, to do something that few if any have done…Brien and I will be cataloguing and mapping every lost-megalithic civilization on the planet. So much of our history has disappeared over time and still remains largely a mystery. Following the evidence trail around the world, Brien and I will attempt to finally begin to piece together the lost history of...
Published 03/19/21
Billy Carson and Jay Campbell join me special New Year’s Master Discussion/Decoders of Truth podcast to discuss the war on history and ancient knowledge, Age of Aquarius, and what to expect in 2021. So much is at stake right now: important ancient temples and monuments are being destroyed, knowledge is being inverted, and a perpetual state of fear is gripping society. What will the future hold?
Published 01/01/21
On this episode of Mastermind Discussions, I am joined by returning guest Brien Foerster- renown ancient history researcher and writer, to discuss the mysteries of elongated skulls, ancient gods of antiquity, and lost technology. What was the purpose of the ancient doorways of the world such as: Aramu Muru and Gate of the Sun in South America, or Madain Saleh in the middle of the desert in Saudi Arabia? Were the elongated skulls of history connected back to ancient-royal bloodlines of the...
Published 10/25/20
Join Billy Carson and I for a very special Mastermind Discussion where we meet up on a remote island beach in Maine to discuss the Myth of Adapa, Legend of Etana, the human origins story, and the Anunnaki. Who exactly were the "Ordainers of Destinies" and why is the future of humanity so important to the Anunnaki? Also, at the end of the video Billy and I announce the title and contents of our NEW book! You won't want to miss this incredible adventure into higher consciousness.
Published 09/05/20
On this episode of Mastermind Discussions, I’m joined by legendary researcher and author Brien Foerster to discuss lost megalithic civilizations, ancient cataclysms, and the secrets of antiquity. How old are the temples and pyramids of Giza, and why were they built? What kind of technology was used to create these magnificent structures, and could we even replicate them today? From new discoveries made around the world to old mysteries that still remain unanswered, Brien and I dig deep to...
Published 08/08/20
Chris Mathieu from the Forbidden Knowledge News joins me for Episode #7 of Mastermind Discussions, to discuss the mysteries of reality, ancient cuneiform tablets, the Anunna, and lost civilizations. Was there a forgotten period of human history...and do certain secret societies still control our world? Tune in to find out more.
Published 05/11/20
On this special episode of Mastermind Discussions I go live to discuss your questions, covering topics such as the ancient handbag symbol, the Anunnaki, cuneiform tablets, 5G, bloodlines, and the nature of reality. What is the true story of history and why is so much of this information been hidden? By studying the breadcrumbs laid down from the past, and objectively discussing them together, we can finally find answers.
Published 04/18/20
On this episode of Mastermind Discussions I sit down with Billy Carson, author and ancient history researcher, to discuss the Covid-19 pandemic, darkness versus light, Atlantis, and the forbidden teachings from the past. What is the truth behind this global pandemic, and has there been a struggle over darkness and light in mankind for thousands of years? Billy and I dig deep to find answers.
Published 03/19/20
On this episode of Mastermind Discussions I sit down with Nathan Wolf, esoteric researcher and spiritual guide, to discuss the illusion of reality, dimensions, and the lost teachings from the past. Has society been misled for generations about the nature of reality, consciousness, and the ancient teachings from antiquity? Nathan and I dig deep to find answers.
Published 03/08/20
This episode of Mastermind Discussions I’m joined by David Easter, esoteric researcher and graphic artist to dive deep into the mysteries of ancient civilizations, forbidden texts, and the vast universe. Is our history different than we’ve been told? Why are so many of these important ancient texts unknown to most of society? Tune in to find out…
Published 03/01/20
Was Eridu truly the first city on Earth? Why do ancient texts tell us a far different story about human history than we’re taught in school? This episode of Mastermind Discussions I’m joined by Jeffery Wilson from the Conspiracy Farm, to break down the Sumerian King List, Eridu Genesis, Myth of Adapa, and Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta cuneiform tablets to uncover answers. Are we actually the Anunnaki? Tune in to find out…
Published 01/29/20
This week I’m joined by voice actor and deep thinker Justin Mills to discuss the nature of reality, dimensions, the Drake equation, and sentient life in the universe. Are we actually living in a multiverse? Tune in to find out…
Published 01/24/20