The Evil of Antisemitism
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With the recent alarming rise of antisemitism in wake of the atrocities perpetrated on October 7th by Hamas, it's well worthwhile to dig deeper into the nature of Jew hatred, what exactly antisemitism is. What are the roots of this abhorrence and where does it stem from? Why is it that throughout history Jews were consistently singled out more than any other minority? With acts of hatred, discrimination, expulsions and genocide. From a scientific point of view we cannot associate antisemitism with one particular cause because it goes back millennia, and was directed at Jews from every possible nationality and culture. For example, to say it's a result of Christian discrimination, while definitely a contributing factor, doesn’t give the full picture because there was Jew hatred before Christianity existed. And before Islam became a religion.So we have to find a common denominator that would transcend the different millennia, the different centuries, different empires and different situations of discrimination against Jews. What lies at its core?Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this critical conversation dissecting the anatomy of antisemitism and explore what we can do about it. Discover the cosmic, spiritual and psychological roots of the longest hatred in history. Learn how the irrational despise of Jews is linked with the natural materialistic hostility to the transcendent and the divine. Knowing the cause can then help us finally uproot this cancer once and for all.
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