Historic Wake-Up Call: Are We Responding
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There are rare moments in our lives when we are provided with an unprecedented opportunity, a wake up call. Those moments where a paradigm shift occurs that can affect us on an individual level, on a collective level or on a global level. Certain events shake us to our core and open us up to these quantum leaps.And at that moment your actions, your choices, your decisions can change everything. We are now living in such a time.The events that happened on October 7, the atrocities perpetrated, the sheer brutality and all the subsequent events - the war that continues to wage, the rise in antisemitism, the mass protests - are indeed a watershed moment. And these are times where we are looked at - and will be looked out by future generations to come - to see, how did we behave? How did we react? Did we step up? Did we stand up? Did we speak up? Or did we retreat in silence or in fear and chose to do nothing? Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for a historic and vital conversation that every individual must hear - and then must ask themselves these important questions. Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? Are you making history or letting history make you? This is an opportunity that can radically change the entire future. Be the change. 
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