Investing Profit Despite Perils of Hindsight Bias: #13
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Not being able to see the difference between what you know NOW relative to what you KNEW before IS hindsight bias - a psychological bias that can be overcome in investing. How? Choose stocks based on a sound analysis of company financial performance and for their true market value. Like politicians and weathermen, investors can't predict the future. Investors can focus on their process and recheck their thinking leading to greater profits. Remember that the world is complex and many factors influence outcomes.
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Follow along with our book “Understanding Behavioral Bia$” by Dr. Daniel Krawczyk and George Baxter, JD, CFA, (Chapter 8) while listening to this podcast. BUY on Amazon (copy and paste). Electronic version and paperback. The purpose of fundamental research during the...
Published 12/03/19
Book review and origin story of "Understanding Behavioral Bia$: A Guide to Improving Financial Decision Making”. This book is a great tool to improve your investing skills. This is not a list of biases, but a guide that provides best practices to overcome biases when investing. Remedies to...
Published 11/25/19
Idea vetting is the second step in the Investment Process - how to improve your process and what Biases are keeping your from your financial and investing goals. NEW BOOK "Understanding Behavioral Bia$: A Guide to Improving Financial Decision Making" Available on Amazon NOW. Behavioral finance...
Published 11/20/19