Mental Models: How to OVERCOME Biases that keep you from Investing Success: #22
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Biases are part of the cognitive architecture of the brain. We can't avoid biases but we can think analytically and put speed bumps in our way to force us to check our assumptions. Biases covered included under the umbrellas of Attention biases, Memory bias, and Knowledge bias. Visit for more insights and watch our for forthcoming book November, 2019 on Bia$:A guide to improving your financial success.
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Selection Bias can keep us hunting for what is most present on our mind, Waldo or the new Toyota we are planning to buy. Once we have committed to a decision we will see that specific brand everywhere. We are experiencing selection bias. Our brain is guiding us to what is most present on our...
Published 02/19/20
Be the courageous investor! Fear linked to 3 things: 1: To little information 2: Potential Threat 3: Helplessness Investing is linked to 2 things: 1: Fear 2: Greed The Salience Bias is linked to fear and uncertainty and your primal brain functions in your amygdala. There are 2 types of...
Published 02/11/20
Rationalization and thesis drift is akin to wrestling with muddy pigs... it’s slippery and you will lose $$$. For investors ”thesis drift” is the tendency to rationalize bad news and come up with fresh reasons to still like a stock. Don’t accommodate your viewpoint for a group of facts that you...
Published 01/29/20