Mental Models: Passive or Active Management: #29
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Passive index funds (ex. S & P 500 can be over performed if an edge can be found. Ways to avoid bias in active and passive management. Episode #29 is discussed in our new book "Understanding Behavioral Bia$: A Guide to Improving Financial Decision Making", specifically Chapter 8. Tentative release of the e-reader book is November 4, 2019. More information at This is a listener requested topic - Thank you Waco of Dallas for your question and support. What are you interested in hearing about? Fill out this form - Thank You!
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Selection Bias can keep us hunting for what is most present on our mind, Waldo or the new Toyota we are planning to buy. Once we have committed to a decision we will see that specific brand everywhere. We are experiencing selection bias. Our brain is guiding us to what is most present on our...
Published 02/19/20
Be the courageous investor! Fear linked to 3 things: 1: To little information 2: Potential Threat 3: Helplessness Investing is linked to 2 things: 1: Fear 2: Greed The Salience Bias is linked to fear and uncertainty and your primal brain functions in your amygdala. There are 2 types of...
Published 02/11/20
Rationalization and thesis drift is akin to wrestling with muddy pigs... it’s slippery and you will lose $$$. For investors ”thesis drift” is the tendency to rationalize bad news and come up with fresh reasons to still like a stock. Don’t accommodate your viewpoint for a group of facts that you...
Published 01/29/20