Investment Process I: Idea Generation: #32
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Investment Process new series (3 parts) from Mental Models Podcast. Talking you through each step of the investment process, starting with idea generation and associated biases. Watch out for episodes II and III of the Investment Process. Our upcoming book "Understanding Behavioral Bia$" will include this topic and more - November, 2019. Be sure to listen to Mental Models: Group Think Part 1 and Mental Models: Group Think Part 2 for biases when borrowing an idea and how to manage and or avoid the bias pitfalls.
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Everyone needs toilet paper! The initial increase in buying of toilet paper (AKA tissue paper) at the start of the COVID-19 crisis was likely due to a hoarding response, which is an instinctive psychological bias response found in nature. Hoarding is not always negative, in this case those that...
Published 06/25/20
Psychological research can inform our behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic. How do we decide what is the most effective response and how we will act? Follow along with the research article from Nature Human Behaviour “Using Social and Behavioral Science to Support COVID-19 Pandemic Response”...
Published 06/11/20
Jan. - Feb., 2020 was a period of ‘psychological inoculation’, in that we have heard this before, viruses come and go, like the flu and N1H1, and we will be okay. March - April, 2020 was a period of acknowledgment, that this virus is real and dangerous. Followed by the rapid onset of fear,...
Published 05/28/20