How Ben Liebmann, an Australian media guy, ended up COO at Noma, the world’s best restaurant – and now has streaming platforms coming back for seconds
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You probably know Noma in Copenhagen is officially the world’s best restaurant. What you probably didn't know is that its Chief Operating Officer is an Australian called Ben Liebmann, the media guy who brought the acclaimed Noma pop up restaurant to Sydney's Barangaroo six years ago with Tourism Australia. You also probably wouldn't know that Liebmann was handpicked by Elizabeth Murdoch a decade ago to create Shine 360, the commercial arm of her production business, to run rights management, sponsorship, brand integration and consumer products. Shine's Master Chef ended up becoming a $700 million beast from sponsorship deals, consumer products such as pots and pans, book sales events and the rest. At Noma, Liebmann is working with the real master chef in Noma founder René Redzepi, who is eschewing the well-worn path of licensed restaurants or Gordon Ramsay style entertainment shows. Instead, they have built a different kind of media unit, with shows now being picked-up by a global streaming giant. And it may be that Liebmann is heading back to Australia permanently to expand the business. Suffice to say Mi3 listeners are in for a veritable feast of creativity, growth and a hunger for more. See for privacy information.
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