Australia’s blue chips can make 90 per cent profit margins from owned media and use it to fund growth. Should publishers be worried?
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On average, a large Australian business can unlock $82m annual revenue from its owned media – physical and digital, according to Sonder. The biggest brands could theoretically book $500m. They won’t go that far, but banks, telcos, airlines and consumer packaged goods brands shouldn’t fear ‘tattooing the baby’ – putting other brands on their own, per the firm. But they must recognise the value they are giving away cheaply, or for free. “These organisations are sitting on incredibly powerful media channels, very often undervalued,” says Sonder co-founder Angus Frazer. “Websites, emails, gondola ends, in-store posters… in the connection economy, every medium matters and every medium has value.” Here’s how to unlock yours. See for privacy information.
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