S3 E5: Experiencing Love and Joy Instead of Fear and Desire
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"When your personal self isn't taking over," teaches Michael Singer, "your heart is full and your mind is clear." So what stops this from happening? Our fears and our desires. In this episode, Michael shows us how to replace the never-ending pursuit of what you think will make you OK with that which will actually fill you with unconditional love and joy.
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What do you plan to do with your "next lap around our star"? Nearly everyone, Michael Singer observes, will do the same thing they do every other year of their lives: try to get what they want and avoid what they don't want. And they'll be just as unhappy. Why do we do this? Can’t we...
Published 01/03/24
Published 01/03/24
Why do we find ourselves worrying all the time?  According to Michael Singer, it often comes down to the desperate request our hearts have made to the thinking mind: "Protect us from bad events by dreaming up every scary possibility—then warn us about them all… constantly!"  In this...
Published 10/04/23