Published 07/28/23
Dive into the world of performance modification with Ashleigh, a member of the Shell Lubricants marketing team whose passion from a young age drove her to the auto industry. Discover how her learning journey—from high school lift-kit projects to intricate camshaft installations—informs her customer-centric marketing strategy. 
Published 07/28/23
On today’s episode, Michael sits down with Justin Doerris, an educational manager at Universal Technical Institute, and his former student, David Choe of @choe_fdm. Together, they discuss the automotive programs at UTI, the transition from being a student to becoming an influencer, and more. Plus, learn about how Pennzoil products power the next mile at UTI in and out of the classroom. Tune in today!
Published 07/14/23
On today’s episode, Michael sits down with NASCAR driver Ryan Blaney to talk about all the parts of racing you don’t see on screen. Learn more about the extreme temperatures that Ryan’s No. 12 car experiences, his pre-race diet, and his favorite types of tracks. Plus, hear details about how to save on your next Pennzoil Ultra Platinum purchase, newly available on shelf at Advance Auto Parts, and find a store near you at Pennzoil.com or Pennzoil.ca. Don’t miss this conversation, recorded LIVE...
Published 05/26/23
Get ready to kick your racing skills into high gear! On today’s episode, Radford Racing School’s expert instructor, Dominic Starkweather, brings Michael behind the scenes of the world-class racing school. Tune in for a deep dive into the benefits of attending a professional racing school, his journey as a professional racer, and how his passion for racing motivated him to teach others. Brace yourself for a high-octane episode that you won’t want to miss!
Published 05/12/23
Today’s guest, Nikki Moorehead, is an experienced Jeep off-roader with a passion for adventure. She sits down with Michael to dive into how her off-roading hobby led her to be featured in the Long May We Drive commercial. You won’t want to miss conversations about diversity and relationships in the off-roading community, and Nikki’s modifications and maintenance for her Jeep Wrangler.
Published 04/28/23
Today’s guest is Torsten Gross, one of the stars of Pennzoil’s new campaign, Long May We Drive. After getting his first taste of track driving in 2021 with hand-controls, he quickly developed a need for speed! As a C6 quadriplegic, he has made it his mission to get more people who need hand-controls behind wheel of performance vehicles. In 2022, he founded the Just Hands Foundation to do just that. Listen to his interview to hear more about his story, his foundation, and the Long May We Drive...
Published 04/10/23
Michael sits down with Aamir Dassat, an automotive content creator, who’s passionate about educating and entertaining his audience of over one million social media followers. In this episode, Aamir discusses how he combines his background in mechanical engineering with his passion for pursuing automotive content creation. You won’t want to miss hearing Aamir’s take on trends in the industry, how he first became interested in cars, and all about his current car collection lineup, including a...
Published 02/10/23
Alex Taylor has many titles; co-host of Hot Rod Garage on MotorTrend TV, top drag racer, YouTube influencer, and latest guest on Michael’s Motor Alley! She joins Michael once again from Pennzoil’s “Dare to Perform” booth at the SEMA Show to talk about her start with Hot Rod Garage and how she balances her busy schedule. Plus, you won’t want to miss the story behind one crazy build for Roadkill Nights. Listen today!
Published 12/02/22
Are you a busy parent looking to take better care of your vehicle? You won’t want to miss this conversation! Michael answers questions from Tyra, a busy Texas mom, about motor oil change intervals, reading a dipstick, and other important vehicle maintenance topics!
Published 11/11/22
Thinking about overriding your OEM motor oil recommendations? Think again! Michael sits down with Jeff Harmening at the American Petroleum Institute (API) to discuss the latest on motor oil specifications. They cover everything from the difference between API and ILSAC specifications, to what happens when an engine is filled with the wrong viscosity, and more!
Published 09/30/22
Michael is joined by Adam Koester of the legendary Koester family for a fun conversation where the two discuss classic cars, Adam’s first car, his family’s tractor pulling legacy and much more!
Published 09/23/22
Flip the top down, put on your shades, and hold on to your hats! You’re joining Michael as he breaks down the top convertibles on the market, and how to enjoy them in upcoming cooler weather.  
Published 09/13/22
From playing with Hot Wheels as a kid to having 3.5 million YouTube followers, Adam LZ has always lived and breathed cars. Today, Michael sits down with the formula drifter to discuss their first cars, the Formula Drift season, and the drivers that inspired him to get into the sport.
Published 08/26/22
On today’s episode, Michael heads up North to talk all things Canada with automotive journalist, Peter Bulmer! As a resident of and industry expert in Canada, Peter Bulmer gives his input on the country’s transition to EVs, the truck driver shortage, and adoption of synthetic motor oils.  
Published 08/18/22
Today, Michael talks to his colleague from Marketing, Andrea, who’s an Italy native and auto enthusiast. They get into Andrea’s background growing up in the Italian automotive scene, his racing passion and more! 
Published 07/15/22
The heat is ON in today’s episode, as Michael gives his quick advice on taking care of your vehicle during the toasty days of the summer, including some tips, tricks and what to stay away from.
Published 07/08/22
Michael is heading back to school in today’s episode with Pennzoil sponsored collegiate athletes Maggie MacNeil, Trayce Jackson-Davis, and Charlotte North as they chat about their personal road to success and goals for the future. In March, Pennzoil announced its first ever name, image and likeness (NIL) deal, inking sponsorships with the best of the best. Maggie is an Olympic Gold Medalist who recently announced she would be continuing her collegiate career at Louisiana State University;...
Published 06/21/22
Live from Branson, Missouri - Michael is swapping a racecar for a big rig at the 40th Annual Shell Rotella SuperRigs! Tune in to hear all the action, including conversations with Shelby from Happiness by the Mile, Natalie Ortiz from Diesel World Magazine and more.
Published 06/17/22
Today, Michael sits down with Daniel Mac, the world's largest automotive content creator on Tiktok, with a combined 18 million followers across all of his platforms. He is most known for asking supercar owners and celebrities the iconic phrase "What do you do for a living?" Featuring individuals like: Paris Hilton, Jason Derulo, Jay Leno, Helen Mirren, Tom Brady, and more in his short form videos! Michael and Daniel get to discussing Daniel’s start, his inspirations and his upcoming Europe...
Published 06/07/22
Jonny Grunwald, Motorsports Creator and Automotive Special Projects Build Manager, returns to the podcast for another insightful conversation with Michael. Today they discuss Jonny's upcoming automotive plans, how the closing of race tracks is affecting the automotive community, and more. Don’t forget to follow Jonny on social media @Jonny.Grunwald to check out what he’s up to! 
Published 05/23/22
Today’s episode takes us back to #FlashbackFriday with Michael talking with Derek Bieri, from YouTube’s famous 1 million+ subscriber Vice Grip Garage channel, at the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show (PRI) in December 2021. Derek talks about how he started Vice Grip Garage from his passion to save classic automobiles and muscle cars, how important it is to use high-zinc Rotella T line motor oil in his classic cars, and Michael and Derek’s experience working in the automotive...
Published 05/13/22
Kelly Telfer is an award-winning automotive artist and has specialized in motorsports art for decades. After creating the art for his own racing team, Telfer Bros. Racing, Kelly started and ran an apparel business in the 80’s and 90’s. He also created apparel for many of the top racetracks, race teams and manufacturers, including the Indianapolis 500, F1, NASCAR, Chevrolet, Ford, Dale Earnhardt, Mario Andretti, and many more. His art is on permanent exhibit at The Speedway Motors Museum of...
Published 05/06/22
Today, Michael sits down with Jennifer Maher, who serves as CEO/Executive Director of TechForce Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity. TechForce's mission is to champion all students to and through their education and into careers as professional vehicle technicians. Also, in 2019, Jennifer was named "Woman of the Year" by the Auto Care Association's Women in Auto Care division. In this episode, Michael and Jennifer discuss TechForce’s mission, the ongoing technician shortage, and how...
Published 04/18/22
Fireball Tim Lawrence is a Hollywood Automotive Concept Artist responsible for over 400 vehicle designs of some of the most famous Hollywood Movie Cars including Batman, Avengers, Priest, and more! His 1989 Batmobile is currently at the Petersen Museum in Hollywood. Also, Fireball currently has one of the coolest automotive coloring book series with featured automotive talents and vehicle sketches from across the globe! In today’s episode, Michael and Fireball discuss how Fireball got his...
Published 04/04/22