Justin has a net worth of 500K and is on his way to becoming a millionaire. Of the 500K, about 28% is in home equity. He is 32 years old and works in real estate. Justin share insight into his market investments, how much cash to hold and why (he prefers six months of living expenses). He also discusses what's worth spending more money on, his most expensive car purchase, who influenced him most in his life, and how his financial journey got started. 
Published 07/26/21
Logan has a current net worth of 3.75M, of which most is invested in real estate. He has 55 total units, primarily single family rental properties. Logan discusses how he got started in real estate which includes buying his first rental for about 40K. He paid off 110K in student loans and now works as a nurse anesthetist. He also shares details on renovating homes, finding good contractors and life insurance. 
Published 07/19/21
Greg has a net worth of 1.9M, 1.2M of which is in different retirement accounts. Besides his paid for house, he has his wife hold no real real estate. Greg discusses paying off his home (15 year mortgage) in seven years and now being completely debt free. He shares how his journey started (via Dave Ramsey) and how he became a millionaire at the age of 39. Greg recently quit his full time job to work just two days a week and no enjoys more freedom and flexibility with his time.
Published 07/12/21
Brian is a small business owner and CEO of his current company, GreenPal, a lawn mowing technology company. He has a net worth of 4M, most of which (3M) is invested in single family real estate which cash flows over 150K annually. He also has 300K invested in total stock market funds as well. Brian shares thoughts on growing his business with no debt, allocating money back into his business, and buying and holding real estate. 
Published 07/06/21
Jay has a net worth of 1.8M. He and his wife both have government jobs working for the department of defense. He saves 50% of his gross income and lives off of 20% of his gross income. He attended the Air Force and discussed the importance of marrying the right person. Jay also shares thoughts on risk tolerance, real estate investing (he has no real estate), living debt free, frugality and teaching children positive financial behavior. 
Published 06/28/21
Jeff, the wealthy custodian, has worked at the same school district for over 30 years. His max salary was 47K, and he has a net worth of over 1M which excludes his pension. He is 55 years old and discusses all things portfolio allocation, the value of one's time, and the joy of simple living. Jeff also shared advice on creating assets that cash flow, why material items and money don't define you, and the importance of consistent investing and taking chances when opportunities arise. 
Published 06/21/21
Brian and Amy have a current net worth of just over 450K. They spend about 30K annually and have a combined income of 170K. They discuss their money conversations prior to marriage, paying off student loans, and how they both started investing. Brian and Amy share general advice and mistakes which includes starting investing faster, buying a smaller house, and being more intentional about one's finances.
Published 06/14/21
Jonathan has a current net worth of 2.2 Million. He is 40 years old and spends 175K annually. He reached his first million at the age of 37. He invests only in real estate, nothing in the stock market, because he wants to invest in what he can control. In real estate, he prefers mobile home parks. Jonathan shares great advice about the importance of mentors and connecting with those who can help you along the way. 
Published 06/07/21
Robert is 28 years old and has a current net worth of 1.2M. Of that, 850K is in taxable accounts invested in various stock holdings; he also has a few rental properties. Robert graduated dentistry school with hefty student loans but immediately bought a practice from a retiring dentist. He's worked hard to run the practice more efficiently (including adding internet advertising and a website) and increased both revenues and net profit. Robert's financial goal is 240K of passive income annually. 
Published 06/01/21
Cheri has a net worth of over one million dollars which includes about 500K of equity in seven rental properties. She and her husband are self-employed and have never made over 75K annually. She shares her amazing story of perseverance, reinventing oneself, and financial savvy. Her goal is to have all seven rentals paid off in five years and reach a net worth of over 1.5 million. 
Published 05/24/21
Mr. Nomad and his wife have a net worth of 1.2MM, most of which is in the equity market; they own one rental property that cash flows 8K annually. For the last three years they have been traveling the world and spending about 30-40K annually. They discuss their spending, previous incomes, asset allocation, and designing your ideal life.
Published 05/17/21
Adam is 29 years old with a current net worth of 400K. He lives in Canada currently, but grew up in Eastern/Central Europe. Of the 400K, about 280K is invested in real estate while the remainder is in the equity markets. His goal is to be invested 50/50 in real estate/market investments going forward. We discuss his wife's first rental property, his current stock holdings, and his plans for the future.
Published 05/10/21
Ron has a current net worth of 1.35M, about 960K of which is invested in the stock market. He talks about discovering financial accountability and gaining control of his finances. He also shares what helped him to be a millionaire, his asset allocation, using a financial advisor, speaking with your kids about money, and more.
Published 05/03/21
Rachel Cruze is the author of several books including her new book, "Know Yourself, Know Your Money: Discover WHY You Handle Money the Way You Do, and WHAT to Do about It!" We discuss money habits and how to change them for the better, teaching kids about money, work/life balance for a working mother, and what it was like to grow up as the daughter of Dave Ramsey. Check out Rachel's new book (https://amzn.to/3sR6umb) and send an email to millionairesunveiled@gmail.com to enter the giveaway.
Published 04/26/21
Taylor is a returning guest from episode 27 when he had a net worth of 500K. In the last 2.5 years he grew his net worth to one million dollars. He is 31 years old and works in finance for a startup company. He has 10% of his net worth in cash and 200K in home equity. He saves 7-10K a month. Taylor also discusses the decision of paying his home off early and his experience with hard money loans.
Published 04/19/21
Tony has a current net worth of 2.5M, a large chunk of which is in his paid for house and a rental property. Tony discusses managing his career including work/life balance, deciding whether to pay off his house early, being a good/improving father, personal debt, the advantages of using a financial advisor, and more. Tony worked for Dave Ramsey for about 15 years and built a successful career; he's now starting his own personal finance company and has written a book.
Published 04/12/21
Harry has a net worth of 1.8MM. He was active duty in the army for ten years and served in the reserves for an additional 20+. He is invested primarily in index funds spread between both domestic and international holdings. Harry discusses saving and investing money and encourages all to invest even just a little; he believes there is never a perfect time to invest so investing little by little and living below one's means is the path to success. 
Published 04/05/21
Dan is a refugee with a current net worth of 3.8 million. He came to the U.S. at the age of 17 years old with $10 in his pocket. He obtained a marketing degree, found a job, and ended up staying with the same company for 34 years; he is recently retired. He became a millionaire at age 55 and has a significant amount of his wealth in retirement accounts. 
Published 03/29/21
Will has a current net worth of 1.3M, of which 300K is his paid for house. Of the remaining amount, most of it is invested in the equity markets split 65% in domestic stocks and 35% in international stocks. We talk with Will about his decision to pay off or not pay off his primary home, career advice and accepting new opportunities, and whether his friends and family know of his "millionaire" status. 
Published 03/22/21
Chad is an elected city treasurer and small business owner; he works as a financial fiduciary. As the city treasurer, he manages a 360MM investment account. He discusses his investment mindset for both his personal and city investments, including having a long-term approach. Chad also shares what to look for when hiring a financial advisor.  To learn more about Chad - https://www.pacificcapital.com/chad-willardson-3/
Published 03/15/21
Jason is a college professor with a current net worth of 625K. He is 47 years old, married, and has one child. Together with his wife they had about 280K in student loans - Jason shares his advice for how to pay them off, why to avoid them at all costs, and how he was able to not be discouraged while paying them off. He has 180K in home equity and works additional hours and over the summer to make an extra 30-35K in income on top of his regular salary.
Published 03/08/21
David has net worth of one million dollars which is nearly all invested in self storage and other real estate. He shares his story of the first self storage deal - how he found it, fixed it up and flipped it around, and expanded on additional land. David now collects over 10K in passive income annually from three of his properties. He is 38 years old, has a background in engineering, and now works 60+ hours a week to reach his financial goals. 
Published 03/01/21
Travis has a net worth of $2.7 million, of which $1.6 million is in real estate equity. He currently owns about 20 units which generate about 10K of monthly cash flow. He's 40 years old, and also holds about 550K in his 401(k). Travis shares his thinking on why tracking and building cash flow is more important than just a higher net worth. He also talks about his financial advisor and why that relationship is valued. 
Published 02/22/21
Caleb has a current net worth of over eight million dollars. He has about 800K liquid in primarily cash and the remainder in his small business (7.6MM) of which he owns 100%. He has no stock market or real estate investments and has chosen to put most all of his net worth into his business. Caleb is passionate about four things in the financial process that can help make one successful 1) Clarity on what you want, 2) Efficiency - optimizing cash flow, 3) Consistency and 4) Use the money wisely.
Published 02/15/21
Max has a current net worth of 1MM and owns a gas station as well as a couple rental properties. He grew up poor in India and came to the United States as a teenager. He then went to different schools in the states while working as a hotel manager. When the hotel unexpectedly closed, Max was without a job and without any savings - he lived homeless on the streets for six months. He was able to regroup and has since grown his net worth to become a millionaire!
Published 02/08/21