A recent article claiming that raw pet food is becoming an "international public health risk" raises concerns but fails to address the bigger issue of antibiotic residues found in commercial meat in the US food supply. Also in this episode, how does grocery store kibble compare to premium and "super premium" dog and cat foods when it comes to toxic elements and heavy metal contamination? Plus more with Rodney Habib and Dr. Karen Becker. Rodney & Dr. Becker discuss the latest research on...
Published 08/06/21
The debate and uproar over swirling headlines that cats and dogs may need to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Is insect protein a problem or a viable alternative for dog and cat food? And is your pet's commercial food formulated incorrectly? A group of vets raise concern over the copper content in dog food, plus much more with Rodney Habib and Dr. Karen Becker! Rodney & Dr. Becker discuss the latest research on nutrition and health in this replay of their weekly Facebook Live in the...
Published 05/04/21
"Get out!" Dogs and cats are being denied health care in some vet clinics based on the food they eat. VP of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society, Dr. Nick Thompson sits down with Rodney Habib to discuss the problem of pet food prejudice, the debate over bacteria, how to combat potential quality issues with the surge of new raw food companies, and much more.
Published 04/20/21
Are missing nutrients and boredom changing your cat's behavior? A software that may help shelter dogs find their forever home. Also this week, confusion over essential oils for dogs and cats and what you should and should not be doing, plus much more with Rodney Habib & Dr. Karen Becker! Rodney & Dr. Becker discuss the latest science and research on nutrition and health in this replay of their weekly Facebook Live in the Inside Scoop. Original LIVE aired 2.14.2021
Published 03/23/21
Microbial resistance in dogs and cats is skyrocketing. Could the meat in pet food be contributing to the problem? And if your pet needs antibiotics, the most important test you should be asking your vet for first! Also in this week's Live replay, the antioxidant supplement that is being used for heart health, anti-inflammation, cancer, and now new research suggests, may slow down the aging process in dogs. Plus the top 10 foods to feed your pet for this antioxidant, and much more. Rodney...
Published 02/16/21
Scientists in Italy find over 70% of pet parents are storing their dog and cat food improperly and it may be creating a big problem for their pets. Rodney & Dr. Becker also discuss a common and misleading myth about phytoplankton; the surprising supplement that boosts memory and may help with cognitive decline; and a recent study that reveals almost 76% of dogs may not be as healthy as owners think they are, plus much more. Rodney & Dr. Becker discuss the latest research on nutrition...
Published 02/10/21
Almost every year, dogs and cats needlessly die of mycotoxin poisoning from pet food. Rodney and Dr. Becker discuss the recent recall affecting hundreds of dogs and what pet parents can do to protect their dogs and cats. Plus, an effective but often untried therapy for allergies, the effects of fasting on cancer treatment, and much more! Rodney & Dr. Becker discuss the latest research on nutrition and health in this replay of their weekly Facebook Live in the Inside Scoop. Original LIVE...
Published 02/02/21
A 2-year shelf life for raw food?! The nutritional concerns of freezing food for too long. Why you want to include some vegetables and fiber in your dog's diet. The concerning and potentially dangerous trend of feeding cats cheaper dog-food. Plus much more! Rodney & Dr. Becker discuss the latest research on nutrition and health in this replay of their weekly Facebook Live in the Inside Scoop. Plus they answer listener questions.
Published 01/26/21
Celebrity dog trainer & a NY Times bestseller, Tamar Geller discusses how the food your dog eats may be sabotaging your training efforts. She also shares the importance of teaching dogs "life skills", not commands, and understanding their six core needs in order to improve our relationship with them.
Published 09/19/20
Susan Michals has a cat-chat with Rodney and Dr. Becker about why cats seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to pet nutrition, research, and the bias against men & cats. Susan also reveals this year's CatCon celebrity guests!
Published 09/01/20
#1 NY Times Bestseller, Dr. Alexandra Horowitz discusses the power of allowing dogs to make choices. She also shares her lab's recent findings on the impact nose work has on a dog's anxiety and reactivity levels, plus Rodney & Dr. Becker weigh in on the heated debate of being a pet parent vs pet owner.
Published 07/25/20
Dog dad to the world's oldest Golden Retriever, Steve Hetterscheidt mind-jams with Rodney Habib & Dr. Karen Becker about food, lifestyle choices, and the genetics that may have helped get Augie to 20-years old. Stick around after the interview as Dr. Becker & Rodney discuss some of their insights, as well as the controversy this interview stirred up.
Published 07/13/20
Veterinary scientist Dr. Anna-Hielm Bjorkman discusses her research team's recent findings that feeding pregnant dogs and puppies fresh, raw foods significantly lowers their risk of developing allergies. She also shares with Rodney & Dr. Becker other environmental variables that may contribute to decreasing the risk of allergies, and some very promising developments in training dogs to sniff out asymptomatic COVID-19.
Published 06/29/20
Nutrition icon, consumer advocate, and author Marion Nestle discusses the biases of industry-funded research, the importance of feeding our dogs and cats nutritional diversity, and much more!
Published 06/08/20
World-renown ketogenic expert, Dr. David Jockers discusses feeding our dogs a ketogenic diet, coconut oil, fasting, and supporting immune function.
Published 05/24/20
A special edition update with Dr. Sarah Caddy! Rodney and Dr. Becker welcome back infectious disease expert Dr. Caddy to answer pet parents' top 6 Coronavirus questions concerning their dogs and cats.
Published 04/17/20
Published 04/17/20
As media swirls around a new study that shows cats can contract COVID-19 and pass it on to other cats, veterinarian & infectious disease expert Dr. Scott Weese joins Rodney and Dr. Becker to explain why there's still no need to panic and provides tips for managing the threat to our pets.
Published 04/06/20
Rodney and co-host Dr. Karen Becker interview Dr. Sarah Caddy, veterinarian and one of the UK’s top infectious disease experts, to give you the latest updates on coronavirus and pets, and to help learn about what we can all do in regards to our pets🐾 to fight the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).
Published 03/23/20
Rodney and co-host Dr. Karen Becker sit with Dr. Ian Dunbar to discuss the evolution of training methods, how bad breeding (not all) is shortening the lifespan of dogs today, and the importance of working together.
Published 03/13/20
Rodney has a conversation with petfood industry leader, Debbie Phillips-Donaldson, to discuss some of the hot topics and big debates in the pet food industry.
Published 03/11/20
Rodney talks to animal nutritionist Ryan Yamka, PhD of Petfood Industry Magazine about grain-free food, Petco's fake news, industry drama, DCM & much more.
Published 03/11/20