Reggie talks with Chris Prudhome, guest commentator on Fox News Channel & CNN and former BET television host. They discuss experiences Chris has had in business and with his role as a major network guest commentator. Also, the lessons to be learned from the pandemic and how being productive in challenging times can result in success. Also, how young people can advance their dreams and aspirations by staying laser focused and disciplined.
Published 05/21/20
Reggie interviews Ethan Donati, CEO of Million Dollar Funnels. Reggie and Ethan discuss the new norm in business because of COVID-19 and new marketing strategies to drive clients and revenues to your business seamlessly. Get your notes for this informative interview. 
Published 05/12/20
The Corona-Virus has turned the world as we knew it upside down. Reggie Batts talks about turning it all into your advantage. Lots of people are feeling anxiety and fear and just living day to day with no plan. Now, more than ever, we must be strong, plan, and execute. This episode will motivate you to succeed that as well as a few simple things you can do today to start the process.
Published 04/02/20
Description: Mindset for millennials is dedicated to young people and the issues they face in today’s world. Millennials face far different challenges than previous generations. Reggie also brings on a young social media influencer who spreads positively to youth and encourages them to have the mindset to succeed.
Published 11/30/19
In this first episode of season 2, Reggie Batts discusses what it takes to achieve goals in life & business by taking massive action. 
Published 10/04/19
In this short podcast, Reggie discusses the importance of responding to adversity versus reacting to it. Also some key triggers to use to succeed in life even when things happen to disrupt your norms.
Published 06/24/19
Reggie interviews his good friend and Serial Entrepreneur, Kevin E. France, on what it takes to be successful in life & business. This empowering episode goes beyond the mechanics of success to the transformational mindset that it takes to make it happen.
Published 03/30/19
Reggie Batts interviews Ethan Donati, CEO of Million Dollar Funnels & highly sought after digital marketing guru. Learn how to attract the right clients, converting leads into sales revenue, marketing/branding yourself and your business through neuro-marketing and much much more.
Published 02/11/19
Reggie gives a short session on what it takes to succeed in 2019 and how to sustain the momentum. Also lessons from case studies of successful people from his book, Mindset For Success.
Published 12/26/18
Episode: 2 Mindset For Success with Reggie Batts
Published 11/20/18
Mindset For Success - Episode 1 In this debut episode Reggie Batts discusses the importance of building a great personal brand for yourself and doing everything that you can to continue to grow it and protect it.  
Published 09/11/18
Short introduction of Reggie Batts telling us what to expect from the new Mindset For Success monthly podcast; also the topics, guest, content, etc.
Published 08/28/18