Eva is walking a fine line between triumph and disaster. When the cult members discover her spying on them, they're keen to make her cough up the password. As she tries to escape she finds she has to make a dreadful choice.
Published 12/08/13
Eva is in the final moments of her mission. She can prevent a terrible disaster but she's running out of ideas. She thinks the book holds the answers but it is empty.
Published 12/01/13
Eva gets into Ratava's headquarters and overhears three members of an imperialist cult hatching plans to return France to the Second Empire. Eva holds the code they need to transform history. Is she too close for comfort?
Published 11/24/13
Eva searches the bookstore in vain for an author named Ratava. She meets Yvan's twin brother and he gives her a book by RATAVA publications. Eva finds the publisher's address. But what is expecting her there?
Published 11/17/13
The latest twist in the plot is that Eva has to try to decipher the word RATAVA. She heads for the one address that might help her... the bookshop mentioned by Yvan before he was murdered. Will she meet the same fate there?
Published 11/10/13
Eva and Adrien are wondering what RATAVA means while the men in black hats catch up with them. Adrien takes them on to allow Eva to escape the cemetery. She calls for Edmond who arrives promptly this time. But where is her next stop?
Published 11/03/13
Eva gets inside the tomb using the mysterious phrase. Once inside the crypt she comes across the letters RATAVA. She steps up to level five but with time running out. How long will it take her to discover the meaning of the letters?
Published 10/27/13
Eva finally finds out what the mysterious message means. But the riddle of the code 1852 hasn't been solved. Time is running out and she's still at the cemetery. Will she take the code to the grave with her?
Published 10/20/13
Time is running out and the taxi is stuck in traffic. Eva and Adrien turbo-boost to Père-Lachaise but the person who can help them with the mysterious phrase won't be there for 30 minutes. But Eva can't afford to wait that long.
Published 10/13/13
Smitten by Eva, Adrien offers to go with her to Père-Lachaise. When she calls for Edmond, only assailants appear. The pair barely escapes. Is Adrien right to have doubts about Edmond the taxi driver?
Published 10/06/13
At the “Hippodrome de Vincennes”, Eva is denied access to allée a rangée 2 and the horse stalls. But she's saved as Adrien the paramedic uses his work pass to get her in. Once inside the clues start falling into place.
Published 09/29/13
Eva hits the races at Vincennes to look for a lead. As she steps up another level, there is an allée a rangée 2 at the horse track. But what can it contain? Will she gain access to the stalls?
Published 09/22/13
Eva goes to Edmond's painter friend Morgane to ask for help with the riddle. But the artist has no clue and sends Eva off to the Vincennes horse track. Is it another trap?
Published 09/15/13
Eva searches among the bones in the catacombs for a lead. But there's nothing but dead ends and footsteps in the dark. The mission is definitely connected to death. But is it her own?
Published 09/08/13
Eva finds an allée A rangée 2 at the Tuileries funfair but it's a dead end. The time penalty puts her under pressure as she heads to the Catacombes. Is she running into another dead end?
Published 09/01/13
Eva seems to put her mission on hold to have lunch with Adrien, the paramedic. He senses that she's in danger...en danger. She senses that he can help her and asks him for advice about allée A rangée 2. Should she trust his suggestions?
Published 08/25/13
Frustrated by her lack of progress on her mission, Eva calls Edmond to see if he can help with the puzzle but Adrien the paramedic reappears and asks her out to lunch? Should she go?
Published 08/24/13
Adrien, the paramedic from the blast at the railway station... la gare... appears again to deal with the wounded Yvan but Eva doesn't recognise him. She takes Yvan's CD to an Internet cafe to listen to it and she's told to follow the words of the mysterious message.
Published 08/18/13
Despite the player's warnings, Eva, in disguise, pursues Yvan, the elderly bookseller, and the man in a black hat into the metro. But she's too late. There has been murder in a metro carriage. Is Yvan the victim?
Published 08/11/13
Eva buys a cap and sun glasses as a disguise so she can trail Yvan the elderly bookseller and the man in a black hat. Will Yvan divulge the subject of their conversation?
Published 08/04/13