Episode 189-Microdosing and Magic Mushrooms 101
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Sunit Interviews a microdosing expert who supports people in their microdosing journies with magic mushrooms. Sunit shares her own pre-concieved ideas about "doing drugs", how she has opened her mind in 2022, and why she is excited for 2023. Microdosing is quickly becoming the latest thing to try and for good reason! Take a listen to this very informative episode!   Learn more what Julie does here:   https://www.juliecyvonne.com/UYM
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Sunit and Matt have an in depth dicsussion about raising children in today's climate, what "home education" means and why it is important to understand the history of complusory schooling.    If you are concerned about the direction our schools are heading, and wanting to take your power back,...
Published 06/27/23
Published 06/27/23
Today Sunit sits down with Kid Carson and they chat about his childhood, early years, and how he got into radio. They also chat about what he was thinking when he decided to go rogue at his most recent job, and what he is doing now.    Sunit is honored to be speaking at the Kid Carson and...
Published 05/26/23