As the world starts to get crazier and crazier, it is time to not only become empowered in your health, but also your wealth. Today Sunit interviews a crypto enthusiast and picks his brain about all the crypto basics that people should be aware of, and why crypto is even relevant at all right now. This is a new idea for many people but is tied into taking ownership of your self, the same as you do with your health. 
Published 05/27/21
Today's episode is all about mushrooms, and it is packed full of all sort of useful information when it comes to our favourite fungus! Sunit interviews Jeff Chilton of https://www.nammex.com and they discuss all sorts of cool stuff like: -the medicinal and nutritional benefits of mushrooms -how to buy and cook them properly -mushrooms as supplements  -mushrooms as drugs Jeff shared all sorts of wisdom in this episode including resources to learn more.    Check out the Namex website as...
Published 05/11/21
Today Sunit chats with Michael Collins, the founder of SugarAddiction.com   Michael is an author, speaker and has been completely sugar free for over 30 years. In this episode, learn about sugar addiction, how to break the habit, and even how to raise kids sugar free (as he did!).    We all know sugar is bad for you, and now is as good of a time as any to start t get it out of your life! Take  listen and earn how you can get Michael's book for free!
Published 04/16/21
On today's episode Sunit re-visits social media etiquette and talks about the basics of being a host and a guest on social media platforms. The rules are simple: treat virtual space as though it is real space. You would never go into someone's home or business and be beligerent so don't do it online! Sunit shares the key to running social media effectively for business and a few key points to remember that will help us elevate humanity and alleviate the emotional pressure that comes from not...
Published 03/24/21
Today Sunit reminisces on what she was feeling and doing one year ago as a worldwide pandemic was declared and they decided to go with their intuition and go on vacation despite warnings to stay home. She shares what intuition is, why we have separated from it and how to cultivate it within ourselves and our children. 
Published 03/13/21
In this episode Sunit chats with fitness expert Chantelle Christensen (Somers). They get back to the basics of what it takes to lose weight, work out, and just be healthy. They discuss everything from nutrition, exercise, and self love to how covid has affected us and how to raise more empowered kids. Chantelle shares her fave top exercises that you can do at home with no equipment, as well as some popular fitness myths.  You will enjoy this light, motivating and sunny conversation between...
Published 02/25/21
In a quest for true holistic health, it is important to realize that many chronic diseases and health conditions we struggle with today are actually preventable. Today's topic of discussion is about Topical Steroid Withdrawal. A horrific and debilitating skin condition that starts with the innocent use of steroids. This condition is definitely preventable and today Sunit interviews Briana Banos, the creator of the "Preventable" documentary. They each discuss their journey into and through...
Published 02/19/21
Sunit interviews Medical Medium advocate "the Smile Enthusiast" and they squeeze every last drop out of this episode where Smile shares her healing journey and her big goals. They discuss how she went from being told surgery was the only option to thriving in her health, and how she is now coaching other women to do the same. She shares all her wisdom and tips on becoming empowered, getting confident, and taking charge of your own health, as well as how she is preparing to become a guiness...
Published 02/11/21
What is Ayurveda? Where did it originate? How can we implement Ayurvedic principles for optimal health?  Sunit interviews Parvinder Grewal, a licenced Holistic Health Practitioner who has studied and is a practitioner of massage, reflexology, nutrition, and herbology. She is also Chopra certified as a primordial sound meditation teacher.  They chat about the eastern traditions that many holistic health practioners and spas are now adopting as an adjunct to other holistic therapies. Sunit...
Published 02/04/21
Sunit interviews Brian Swan, also known as "the Unstoppable Surfer", husband of Rhonda Swan and Dad to Hanalei Swan, also known as the Unstoppable Family. Brian shares his wisdom about all things life, parenting, family, and business. They talk about current events, raising kids, homeschool, and living a life you can be proud of.    Check out Brian on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unstoppablesurfer/?hl=en   Check out Brian's new Beard line: https://unstoppablebeard.com    
Published 01/29/21
Sunit talks about the current climate and how to find your tribe. The impact of what is happening right now is deep when it comes to our emotions and mental and spiritual health, and it's important to surround ourselves with like minds so we don't feel alone. There are many ways you can be the light for others, as well as find those who can go on this journey with you..tune in to hear how and why!   Follow the Holi Life on IG! https://www.instagram.com/the.holi.life/
Published 01/18/21
Sunit briefly reflects on 2020 and talks about how to get prepared for 2021. She discusses her upcoming holi life program and how to live a truly holistic and healthy life using her Holi Life pillars of mind, body, and soul.
Published 01/01/21
Sunit sits down with Kerry and Nicole of Three Six Nine Media (https://www.threesixninemedia.com). They discuss why they decided to start this company, what it's really all about and how people can get involved and really make an impact. They plan to get off social media to focus on building community so be sure to visit the website, sign up for their email list and join the community: https://www.threesixninemedia.com/community
Published 12/06/20
We are now about 9 months into what initially started as 2 weeks to flatten the curve. Many people are now starting to question the mainstream narrative and trying to understand what's really happening. Sunit chats with Tania the Herbalist about how she got into this fight, what she thinks is happening, and how to be prepared for what is to come. They also talk about how to stay physically and emotionally healthy during this time, the power of finding your tribe, and what you can do to take...
Published 11/29/20
Sunit recaps the week and talks about how to raise your vibration and prepare for whats to come
Published 11/22/20
Sunit sits down wit Odessa Orlewicz of Liberty Talk Canada to talk about what is happening all across the country and the globe. They discuss what has happened, what is coming and what we can do about it.  Check out and join the new Liberty Talk Network here: https://www.libertynetwork.ca Check out and subscribe to Odessa's Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/LibertyTalkCanada/featured Subscribe to the new holi life youtube channel here.
Published 11/09/20
Sunit interviews the founder of Action 4 Canada- a grassroots movement reaching out to millions of Canadians in the hopes of uniting voices for a better country. They discuss current events, how Tanya became motivated to take action on the things that matter to her, and how you can do the same.    Go to  https://action4canada.com to learn more! 
Published 11/02/20
Today's episode is for anyone who is asking any questions at all about the current narrative. World wide people have been captured by mainstream media and a constant push of fear but it is time to become empowered and ask some serious questions about what is going on. If you want to take action, this episode is for you.   go too:   https://action4canada.com https://vaccinechoicecanada.com https://www.constitutionalrightscentre.ca   For more information.
Published 11/02/20
Today Sunit introduces the Holi Life brand, explains what inspired it and who it's intended for. She also talks about current events and how her homeschool journey is going so far!
Published 11/02/20
With so much to be NOT grateful for this year, Sunit celebrates Canadian Thanksgiving 2020,and talks about all that she is grateful for this year. She discusses all her learnings and gratitude for them since March, the current political situation, what is coming, and crypto currency. If you want to keep up with the new brand...go here to sign up for he email list: https://theholilife.com/index.html Follow on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the.holi.life/ Check out old episodes on...
Published 10/24/20
Sunit interviews Rhonda Swan, matriarch of the Unstoppable Family and mother to Hanalei Swan. Rhonda shares the story of how a defining moment in her corporate career ended up shaping her family's future, and why she and her husband made the decision to leave everything to travel the world with their daughter. They talk about how moms CAN have it all while also raising amazing children, and the lessons she has learned from raising a little girl who already owns her own business. If you have...
Published 10/09/20
Today Sunit interviews Lisa Hyde, an author, speaker, and business woman who shares the story of how her struggles in her personal life led to skin issues, which led her to her business, which then led opened the door to living her most high vibe life. Lisa hosts "the confidence crown" podcast and speaks about building confidence in ourselves so we can find the success we dream of. She shares her tips for turning your side hustle into a thriving business, no matter what else is demanding of...
Published 10/08/20
Today Sunit interviews Dr Ashley Beckman, a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine who helps her clients transform their health naturally. She is an expert in healthy aging and longevity and shares her wisdom on living a healthy and holistic life. They discuss epigenetics and anti aging, among other things that come along with living a holistic lifestyle. Sunit picks her brain about skincare, green beauty, and non invasive anti-aging tools! Listen in and have your notepad ready! Check out...
Published 10/07/20
Sunit interviews Veronica and Sonnet of "Not Your Mother's Podcast" and they discuss all the mama things. Everything from what no one told you that you wished you would have known, to what it really means to live a high vibe mom life. They discuss the  unsaids of motherhood, and how they are learning from the ghosts of their past. This is a chock full, warm, cozy episode to hunker down and listen to! Especially if you are a new or expecting mom, or someone early on in motherhood.  Go check...
Published 10/06/20
This week, Sunit interviews Nina Peters, a woman on a journey of self healing. Certified in yoga and meditation, she is a mother of three who has experienced the rock bottom that depression and avoidance had to offer. Taking charge of her own life to heal herself has propelled her to support others on the uncomfortable journey of cultivating self love, forgiveness, acceptance and empowerment. Nina and Sunit talk about current events from a spiritual perspective, how to send out much needed...
Published 07/04/20