The Exorcist Effect
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We're joined by Joseph Laycock and Eric Harrelson to discuss their new book THE EXORCIST EFFECT.  This book is a great deep-dive into how fiction and fact intermingle in culture to generate new ways of interacting with the supernatural and paranormal. It's a feedback loop.  It's a mobius strip.  It's ouroboros.  And it's really informative to be aware of this process. The Exorcist Effect book  (Affiliate Link) Remember that Eric and Joe will be signing their book in December of 2023 in the Austin area.   Dec 15th - Signing at Glass Coffin Boutique 3009 N Interstate Hwy 35, Austin, TX 78722 Dec 17th - Curio Arcanum  5924 S Congress Ave Unit 23, Austin, TX 78745 And I should also say that while in Austin you should check out the Minnesota IceMan over at the MUSEUM OF THE WEIRD over on 6th street. Tell 'em MonsterTalk sent you.  We don't have any promotional relationship - but it would be pretty cool of a bunch of folks dropped in and said that.  Maybe you'd weird them out at the museum of the weird.  Worth a shot. If you somehow haven't seen THE EXORCIST you can watch it here. (Affiliate Link) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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