The Curious Case of the Creeping Coffins
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Did coffins mysteriously move in a crypt in Barbados? Is there a natural explanation?
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On July 18, 2021 the AiPT SciPhiFest Conference included a 45 min segment of my  interview with author and comic-book artist Stephen R. Bissette (who is probably best known for his work on the Alan Moore run of the DC comic Swamp Thing). The interview is about Stephen's book CRYPTID CINEMA...
Published 08/01/21
They're everywhere. They're inside you. You can't escape them - and can't live without them: Bacteria!
Published 07/23/21
The online convention starts at 10 am and I'll be participating in a couple of ways if you're interested. At noon, I've got a special interview with Stephen R. Bissette. You might know him as a key artist on Alan Moore's run of Swamp Thing in the 80s - but if you've been subscribing to BIG...
Published 07/18/21