Join BK Shivani who explains that we don’t need to prepare ourselves to face bigger challenges in life. We only need to prepare ourselves to respond the right way to ordinary, routine scenes of life. When we conserve our power in smaller scenes, we will have the emotional strength needed to remain calm even under chaos. Spirituality helps us become emotionally independent of situations, objects, substances and people's behaviors.
Published 08/21/20
BK Shivani explains how we seek social, financial and physical independence. But the one aspect of freedom we really need to obtain is emotional independence. Today we are emotionally dependent on people, situations, objects, substances and places. Our thoughts, words, behaviours and even sense organs are not always under our control. We need to fight against our own vices and weaknesses to win this inner battle.
Published 08/18/20
When we are empowered, then accepting others becomes effortless, shares BK Shivani. Let us choose how we want to think, feel and be in every relationship. When we connect to God who is the Ocean of peace, love and happiness daily and charge the soul, we will be empower ourselves for the day. We will no longer look for these emotions outside of us. We will be able to accept people as they are and radiate our qualities to them.
Published 08/17/20
BK Shivani stresses on the need for self-empowerment. Practices like meditation, studying spiritual knowledge and then implementing the wisdom practically during the day will gives us the power to transform any negativity. Checking and cleaning our thoughts every hour keeps us relaxed through the day. We also need to eat every meal mindfully. Our affirmations need to be the last thoughts as we wind up at night, so that those thoughts work on the mind and body through the night.
Published 08/16/20
BK Shivani shares that Whether it is a situation or people, we can either accept them or resist them. An overthinking mind is a questioning mind - questioning people and situations constantly. When we get into why, where, when, how, then our mind will keep on creating waste thoughts which get recorded in our memory and we keep referring to them in the future. This means there is no space for peace, calm or happiness.
Published 08/13/20
Let us teach the mind new ways of responding to life, reiterates BK Shivani. Until now we had programmed it to fluctuate according to circumstances - being happy when things are fine, getting upset otherwise. We have the power to choose happiness, forgive people, let go and remain calm. It is a matter of practicing a few times until it becomes a way of life.
Published 08/12/20
BK Shivani highlights the need to create a beautiful relationship with the self. Every morning, we need to spend time with ourselves - it is our time to meditate, connect with God, take His love and blessings and empower the Self. Thereafter we become ready to radiate our energies of peace, love and happiness to everyone, regardless of their behaviors.
Published 08/11/20
BK Shivani points out that some of us tend to be addicted to unhappiness. Our primary focus is on mistakes, failures and weaknesses from the past and present. By holding people, situations and the world itself responsible for our misery, we inflict more suffering. We are responsible of our emotions. Our happiness doesn’t depend on situations, it depends on how we respond to situations.
Published 08/10/20
Join BK Shivani who emphasizes that the way we keep our body clean every day, we now need to cleanse our mind too. There should be no anger, jealousy or any such negative feeling. Take a pause and keep checking and cleaning it. If we are emotionally disturbed, we are the creator of the stain on the mind and we have to heal ourselves. Forgiving, letting go and releasing emotional blockages need to be done every day.
Published 08/09/20
BK Shivani explore the issues faced during the lockdown since fear and anxiety tacking a toll on our state of mind cases of domestic violence and mental health issue are on the Rise limiting information intake from media and social media investing in self care with daily practice like spiritual study and mediation and attention to quality of thoughts will help us remain strong and clam
Published 08/08/20
कर्मों के हिसाब से भुगतान दीपक भाई द्वारा रोजमर्रा के कामों में आने वाली समस्याओं का निदान। Deepak Bhai
Published 07/31/20
मुरारी बापू द्वारा गुरु की महिमा का अद्भुत व्याख्यान-चित्त की प्रशंसा
Published 07/29/20
मोरारी बापू द्वारा मोन पर अद्भुत व्याख्यान
Published 07/28/20