BREAKING! Russia Trying to Remove Ukraine President, Biden Readies for War with Russia
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The New York Times has learned that President Joe Biden is considering deploying troops, aircraft, and warships to the Baltics and Eastern Europe as a means to deter Russia from invading Ukraine. Troops are on standby and ready for airdrops into Ukraine along with equipment. Also reports that the Kremlin is looking to replace Ukraine's president with a pro-Russia leader.  Gold prices are up along with US dollar and Swiss franc as investors are running for safe havens.
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With the stroke of a pen, Washington just declared all-out war on Russia with no end in sight. On today's who we're going through this monstrous new $40 billion dollar war package to Ukraine along with news that another government agency is actively spying on Americans.
Published 05/13/22
Published 05/13/22
A new report by Vice shows how the CDC purchased tracking data for millions of Americans’ mobile phones. Newly released vaccine data shows 40% adverse reactions across multiple countries. And ministry of truth gets destroyed before congress.
Published 05/05/22