The Best Of: What it Takes to be Great
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This compelling message from Lead Pastor Erwin McManus reveals to us the price we must pay to live a life of greatness. Beyond our big dreams, do we have what it takes to live a life of greatness in the small details of our lives? Pastor Erwin gives us a roadmap to becoming someone that God can trust with a revolutionary dream.    In Genesis chapter 50, we learn about the life of Joseph. When he was young he was given a big dream to rule over his brothers, but the dream filled him with arrogance and pride. Over the next decade of his life, he grew in character and wisdom as he went through incredible trials including imprisonment and slavery.  Through his life journey, Joseph chose to pursue a path of integrity. He determined within himself to serve the vision of those that surrounded him. Pastor Erwin emphasizes that the mark of true greatness is making others great around us. Joseph was eventually entrusted with delivering Egypt from a great famine and was given great honor as a leader.    If you’ve wondered how to accomplish your dreams and live a life of greatness, this message will remind you that greatness is always found in our capacity to impact those around us for good.
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Have you found it hard to connect the dots between where you want to be and what it will take to get there? Do you feel like you keep missing your moment? On the quest for honor, we must find courage: an elusive dynamic inside of the human spirit where we begin to live integrated lives with the...
Published 05/21/22
Published 05/21/22
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