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Do you desperately want to feel whole? Are you searching for healing? In this message, Erwin Raphael McManus reveals that you will only find the answer to what your soul longs for if you desire to live a life of gratitude. Gratitude comes from the same etymology of grace, and you can only understand the power of gratitude when you have been transformed by the power of grace. Surrendering ungratefulness and starting on the quest for nobility is the beginning of your journey to a life of wholeness and healing. This message is drawn from Uprising, a book about taking on the character of God from Erwin Raphael McManus.
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On this week's podcast, Erwin McManus completes his Quest for Enlightenment series with a talk that highlights what it means to live a heroic life. From Psalm 119:32, Erwin reminds us that God has set us free to run in the path of his commands. Ultimately, we learn that our freedom is only as...
Published 08/09/22
Erwin McManus takes us on a journey through his Quest for Enlightenment in his powerful Uprising series. Targeted on the value of wisdom, Pastor Erwin shares that for most of us, the wisest person in our life is not the wealthiest or the smartest. What they bring is an ability to navigate life...
Published 08/01/22
Published 08/01/22