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Pastor Erwin McManus brought a riveting new message on the importance of living a life deeply connected to God.  Pulling from a fascinating story about Elijah and Ahab in the Scriptures, Pastor Erwin points out that there are 4 different levels of awareness that we can decide to live in.  Unconscious: unaware of God's movement around us. Experiential: only believe in what can be seen, heard, and touched.  Spiritual: aware that a spiritual realm exists. Transcendent: in step with the future God is creating through prayer. While Ahab was only aware of God's movement when he could see, hear, or touch it, Elijah could sense God's movement before it was ever actualized in front of him.  Pastor Erwin encourages us Elijah's spiritual life is the rule and not the exception to our spiritual lives. Each of us has access to God on this level through prayer.  If you are ready to live deeply connected to what God is doing, tune into this powerful new message!
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